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    How to make an automatic and decorative water fountain in Minecraft?

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    Architecture is one of the great diversions of Minecraft, we teach you with great ease how to make an automatic water fountain in just a few steps. With a simple mechanism, you just have to try some more interesting methods letting your imagination fly a little, everything is in the creativity.

    In Minecraft you can let your imagination run wild and build whatever you want, from something as simple as a stable for your horses to something more elaborate like a rotating beacon with light.

    How to make an automatic water fountain in Minecraft?

    Minecraft creative mode is the ideal option to create this font, this is because they have greater creation capacity and you can do anything. For this fountain we will use a lever and a red stone, with this we will make the mechanism to make the water move. Pay close attention to each step.

    First you need to put a background to your fountain, so that the water does not pass through the earth, you can use stone, a fairly simple element. Choose a size, the ideal is 7 × 7 so that your fountain is not so big, once the floor is done, we can start construction.

    In one of the frames of your fountain there will be a lever, once you have decided where it will be, you will have to dig the blocks in the direction of the center of your fountain, this will be the mechanism. Once this is done, you have to build the central structure, here you have to exploit your creativity, the most important thing is that you leave a four in the center, this line must be mobile.

    For this reason, you need to fill it with gravel, because it has gravity, something we will need, leave the last cube without gravel and put water on it.

    Once this is done, try the mechanism, your automatic fountain should start flowing, without coming out thanks to the frame you made. When you turn it off, the gravel goes down and the water is back in a contained block, knowing this, you can create the sources you want, you just need to combine the elements.

    How to make a simpler font?

    If you are looking for an automatic water fountain that does not need to be activated, you can build the structure and use a fairly simple method, you will only need a bucket of water. Well, for this method, you need to make a structure of the size you want the central part of the fountain to be, you can make it out of stone.

    At the top of the structure you have to place a bucket of water, done that, the water will flow from that bucket and yes it will easily create a fountain. This mechanism can be used for many things, just think of interesting methods, you can make water channels or make bigger fountains.

    Many people use this type of fountain to decorate homes, so they have a beautiful always-on fountain, the imagination can be let fly with this mechanism.

    Can you just make an automatic water fountain?

    Actually the mechanism we have explained can work to make fountains with other elements that can flow easily, one of the coolest is lava. These sources can be very interesting and even challenging, this is because lava is a very destructive material, therefore you need to have the right materials.

    The fountain has to be all stone and you have to put a floor on it it cannot be burned or destroyed, be careful not to place items that can burn or you will lose your job.

    There are many ways to make fountains, you can even make fountains that combine water and lava, as long as they don't touch each other, this can be a really cool fountain.

    Use what we have explained to you and create spectacular structures, let your imagination run wild and create works to show to your playmates.

    Just as you can create fountains, you can also create infinite water wells, these are very used by players who have fields or orchards to cultivate.

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