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    How to overcome or overcome the mission 'Oh the things you are about to break!' in PUBG?

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    Why do so many problems arise to overcome the PUGB mission?

    This mission has become a myth in the PUGB, mainly because, within the game, it is not very clear what to do. This applies to all platforms on which this Battle Royale game can be downloaded.

    Because of this, the task of the game developed by Garena has become so enigmatic to complete than to complete. Fortunately, there are many users who have found the answer and it has been shared in the support forums or even have been broadcast videos about it.

    What are the steps to overcome the "Oh the things you are about to break!" Mission?

    The reason you can't beat the PUGB mission "Oh, the things you're about to break!" And why, surely, you don't know what to destroy. This is the main reason why not even other players can do it, although in this post you will know how to do it.

    Break 10 doors

    The first thing you need to destroy during a match are 10 doors of any kind which, of course, you can find in any building. Just take an automatic weapon (more effective) and throw bullets into it until it is destroyed, and repeat it until the number is complete.

    Destroy 10 windows

    Now, once you've smashed all the doors you had to break down, it's time to do the same but with 10 windows. And in your case, you will be able to find them in any building on the map, as with the previous object, and of course, they are easier to destroy.

    Break down 10 wooden fences

    This is where we overcome PUGB mission becomes fun, as, to perform this particular task, you will need a vehicle. While it is true that you can use another method to destroy fences, with a motorcycle or car it is much more effective.

    That said, you should take the car you need or find convenient and start running on the fences of the houses. Each of these fences is divided into sections, by breaking ten, you will have achieved this part of the PUGB task.

    Destroy 8 tires and 2 vehicles

    This would be the final part of the task, and although you can do it in the order you want, the common thing is to leave this part for the end. And you wonder why I should? Well, when you are in the game, you will notice that it is the most fun part.

    Now, the normal thing is take the car you used to demolish the fences properties on the map and destroy the tires. So, you need to aim and shoot the engine so that it explodes much faster, so do the same, but with another vehicle.

    Should all this be done in one game?

    After reading all this, you will surely wonder, do I have to do all this in one game? And the answer is yes. The reason for passing the PUGB mission called "Oh the things you're about to break!" it's so annoying, it's because of this factor.

    The good part about all of this is that you always can ask for the support of your friends in so that you can carry out all the tasks with peace of mind. And thus, you will be able to get the fabulous reward that this mission grants.

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