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    How to play Garena Free Fire with friends from another region? Solution!

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    Is it legal to play Garena Free Fire with friends from another region?

    The question is not where to play Garena Free Fire, but how. To clarify this doubt from the start, yes, it is in the range of legality, because the only way to play Free Fire with friends from another region or anyone, is to use a VPN esters.

    A VPN is a virtual private network, and this is legal in almost all parts of the world, it usually comes in the form of an application that we need to download, in the Play Store there are many, some better than others, but they all do the same to change yours geographic region, well not you at your IP.

    This way you will have obtained an alternative not only to play, but to invite all your friends to play Garena Free Fire with you.

    How do I change my VPN so that I can play with my friends?

    If the word VPN is confusing there is no reason to despair, it is really very simple and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, the first thing to do is download the VPN application (the one we chose) on our phone.

    So we open it as usual, we have to keep in mind that the Free Fire must always be closed when opening the program, for example: if we use one such as


    Turbovpn, we will just have to click on the button " Accept «, Which will appear on the« Open »screen of the game and voila you will be able to play Garena Free Fire with friends from another region.

    This is not the random example, but most of the VPNs (at least the free ones) from the Play Store, have the same operation. Although this varies when you want to play Garena Free Fire on a PlayStation or Xbox game console.

    If we decide to use another type like Hello VPN, things change a bit, but it doesn't get more complicated, before we "open" the application once downloaded, we will see that our applications appear there " Click »On Free Fire.

    A flag will appear on the right side next to the icon, regardless of which country is the " Print " And " Show »A list of countries you can access (paid and free). Once you have chosen one, a button called "Start" will appear, click on it and that's it.

    Again during the process you have to close the game, after which you just have to enter your game and you should be able to play Garena Free Fire with friends from another region without any problems.

    I don't want a VPN. Any last option for me?

    If there is one last option, but this is literally breaking glass in an emergency. Free Fire, like every game, has its own website (by Garena), there is an option in this that allows you to send both suggestions and messages.


    Here you can write a letter, with your username, explaining why you are requesting a region change for your account. It sounds easy and in theory it is, the problem is that once they have changed you, you will never be able to go back to the original one, or play Garena Free Fire with friends from a different region than the one you have chosen.

    This is not recommended in the long run, as not playing in your region you may experience connectivity issues from time to time (The game's PING is very high and causes severe LAG). So before you do that, you should try VPNs - they are compatible with almost any device and easy to use.

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