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    How to recover my stolen Fortnite account? What to do if my account has been hacked?

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    Fortnite account security issues

    Security issues may arise in your Fortnite account for reasons such as using a weak password, logging into the game from a public network that shares your data from this location, or using an unknown network that can involve un risk high of perdita the security of your account.

    Here is some important information about your stolen Fortnite account and what you can do to recover it in case you have been hacked.

    How to recover my stolen Fortnite account? What to do if my account has been hacked?

    If you can still access your account Fortnite but you know it has been hacked, we recommend that you follow the steps below before lose it.

    Step 1. Change your account password

    If the hacking process wasn't 100% done, the person who stole your Fortnite account will use the Password that you established at the time of registration; if so, you should change it as soon as possible. Conversely, if you are unable to log into your account, go to step 2.

    Step 2. Use the restore option

    It is possible that a hacker has changed your password and you cannot access your account. In this circumstance it is necessary to reset the password and to do so it is necessary to go to the login screen and click on "I forgot my password". Then, the system will send you an email to create a new password.

    If the hacker has changed the email associated with your profile, unfortunately you will not receive the password recovery message and you will not be able to access your account through this route. Therefore, we recommend that you read step 3.

    Step 3. Write a complaint on "Epic Games"

    The last step is the option of complaint which you can send to the Fortnite development company "Epic Games" so that they can evaluate your account and consider the best procedure you can follow to recover your stolen account.

    Tips to prevent your Fortnite account from being stolen again

    If you have succeeded in recover your account with step 1 or step 2, we recommend that you perform the following actions.

    Enable two-factor authentication

    Enabling two-step authentication is a very useful resource that will help you protect your account from intruders. To activate this option, you need to go to the section "Profile settings". Then, find the “Two-step authentication” option and select “Activate the authentication application”.

    Next, check your e-mail box because there you will receive a code which will be your access key to the application. The advantage of this type of check   is that every time you use a new (unknown) device to access the game, you must enter this code to prevent others from accessing your account.

    Create a secure password

    Get in the habit of creating a strong password that is easy to remember and difficult to crack. It is common for users to make the mistake of creating easily accessible passwords. This can lead to vulnerability of you won't want to regret in the future.

    For this reason it is convenient to review some aspects such as the combined use of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Also, avoid using personal data and dates of birth to set the password.

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