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    How to significantly reduce the lag between us - Android or PC

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    During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, many people had to stay in their homes and this led to having to find new ways to have fun to stop thinking about the real world problems, as always, which led to the discovery of independent games that had little or no popularity, and among these games there is one that has swept the world of online streaming and gaming videos , and this was the infamous Among Us, created by the InnerSloth studio.

    Among Us is essentially a very simple game to start playing, similar to games like Mafia and Clue, where players have to guess or have to deduce which of the playmates, or in most cases guess, is he a normal partner or is he a killer, operating with a simple voting system, but adding tasks that must be completed by the players, or the crew in this case, to win the game before the killer, or impostor, kills everyone, hence the name "Between we "which translates as" Among us ".

    Why is there lag in video games?

    While it is not possible to alter the connection of the servers, it is always possible to try and check how well the quality of the game can go.

    It should be understood that the Lag can be due to the high amount of pings or more, which is basically the time in milliseconds it takes for information to travel from the local server to the original server of the game or service, being a lower latency or Ping. so that the time is shorter, the general consensus is a ping of less than 100 ms.

    Another reason why there may be lag is the physical lag of the device, both on the mobile phone and on the computer, which can happen due to the lack of RAM memory that the device has or the overload of the internal memory, causing the fps, or the frames to the second, they are very small, so even if there is little ping they could there are problems with the fps, or viceversa.

    What are MS and how do they affect my game?

    When we talk about 'MS' we are referring to the measurement in milliseconds that we get by pinging in the game, this is used to employ the the time it takes for our equipment a to communicate with the IP network. This measure is very important when playing online games, as our performance depends on it. 

    For example, if we are playing any online video game, we do not want to have a very high ping, as this results in a longer response time or in other words, what we see on our screen is much slower than that of others, making us a very easy target. We must take into account that MS can be affected for several reasons:

    Most of the time of usual è due to our internet connection , as it can also be a problem on the server itself, the state of our equipment can also be an issue, added to the saturation of the servers in the game.

    Strategies to improve performance and reduce game lag

    When playing, the application is usually in English, as the Spanish versions have not been considered a priority today like the English ones, so to understand what it says you need to switch Among Us to the Spanish language.

    Having already understood this, it is necessary to admit that although the game can be better understood in Spanish, there is not much that can be done in it to solve the delay, but to  recognize problems, it is necessary to understand if the delay is due to latency or memory.

    Solved the doubt, it is necessary to select which direction to take, if it is a Latency problem the possible solutions are to connect to a better Wi-Fi signal or to a server near the user's location, considering that for the Spanish country the »Europa« server is the best option. Another option is to use a VPN to change the IP address and connect to a server located in one of the 3 regions.

    When the error is system memory, it is preferable free up space on your device, speed up the device and fix the RAM memory so that the fps improves while in turn it is a good option to free up memory to improve system performance.

    Clear the game cache

    When we clear the cache, we delete the temporary game data , without affecting our user data. In this way we will have a game as just installed without deleting our user and our settings.

    Delete all background apps

    The slowness in our game is usually due to the fact that we are using many applications at the same time or while we are in a game, which consumes resources on our device and causes us delays, by closing all these apps we can have a smoother gaming experience

    Connect to the nearest server

    If our internet provider is not that good, trying to access remote servers is quite harmful when starting a game, as the response time will be longer. The ideal is to look for closer servers , for example if we are in Latin America it is not advisable to access a European server.

    Play with friends who are in the same country

    Taking into account the performance of our Internet provider, it will be more beneficial for us to play with people who are within walking distance or in the same country. As this gives us a similar response time and makes the game more enjoyable.

    Restart your modem and mobile phone before starting to play

    Restarting our internet modem can be a solution both to reduce ping, and to solve other internet problems , just turn it off and on again. The same happens with our phone, when we restart it we update its operation. As resource-consuming background apps will be closed automatically, which will reduce ping considerably.

    How to set a high priority for Among Us on PC

    This will help your PC's performance when playing. To do this, you just need to go to the task manager, switch to the more details tab, go to the details option and right click between us in the set priority option section. This will ensure that your PC gives more power to the game than other open programs.

    Lag, the weak point of the game Among Us

    Remember that the popularity of these games, as is the case with Among Us, is arrived from one day to another , with a monthly base of at least a few thousand players to millions of active players every day, and that is still increasing as there are many ways to download the game, even for free.

    This has led to server overload as a common problem, which is still a big deal in many places and times. The game servers, despite being functional, have failed to maintain the constant number of massive players of which the game has enjoyed since its peak of popularity.

    As only 3 different servers can be selected in the game: "North America", "Asia" and "Europe" leaving many players out of reach of the servers and thus affecting the performance of these players.

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