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    How to return or refund skins in Fortnite? Very easy!

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    What is the Fortnite refund system?

    Il Fortnite refund system is an alternative that users of this video game must submit a request via a refund form. This is based on a policy that can limit the process as happens when requesting refunds when purchasing games like Minecraft.

    What is Epic Games' refund policy for?

    Epic Games' refund policy focuses on a number of specifics that the Epic company expresses to users wishing to make a refund. These specifications include conditions that must be met in order to approve or reject the procedure reimbursement requested by the player.

    How does Epic Games' refund policy work?

    Epic Games makes it clear that their refund policy only works for return three items. Furthermore, it is essential that the return is made within a maximum period of fourteen days from the date of purchase.

    Epic also specifies that the return of battle passages, "Save the World" items and game packs is not allowed. Some products like virtual currencies and other consumables are identified as "Non-Refundable".

    How to return or refund skins in Fortnite? Very easy!

    If your child has spent money on Fortnite without your consent or you want to make a return or refund of the skins for another reason, you need to take into account the specifics of the policy di reimbursement by Epic Games. If you meet the company's guidelines, you can follow the steps below.

    Request a refund

    To request a refund of the skins in Fortnite you have to click on the option «Contact us» which you will find on the launcher help page or in the Epic Games store. This is the link to access the official Epic Games store.

    Log into your Epic Games account

    Additionally, you can make a refund request through your Epic Games account. To do this, log in with your account from the official website and select the «Menu» located in the upper right part of the interface. Find the "Transactions" option, select "Fortnite" and click on the "Refund" option.

    Access the request from the game interface

    Another way to request a refund is the main «Battle Royale» window. Enter the game and press the start button or select your profile icon at the top right. Then, in the "Content of your account" section, locate the "Refund request" area.

    There you will see all refund restrictions and other guidelines enacted by Epic Games. Click on «Send request» to choose the skins you want to refund. So, choose the reason for refund and press the «Send» button.

    Fill out the refund form

    You will see a new window with a module. There, you need to select the skins, click on the option «Request a refund» and indicate the reason for the refund. Finally, press the «Submit» button to process your request.

    The refund process

    THE buying that skin you made will be refunded using the payment method used. Also, you can agree with the company on an alternative method. You should know that the refund processing time will depend on the payment method you used.

    Aspects to consider

    Epic Games clarifies that the return of a refundable product will be feasible only if it has not been played for more than two hours and if no more than fourteen days have passed since the purchase. You can only request one maximum of three refunds on non-consumable items.

    Also, if you've acquired skins for winning a Battle Pass, Event or Challenge, you won't be able to refund them. It is also not possible to refund those products you have purchased with virtual currencies (V-Bucks). However, when the refund is processed, you will only receive the equivalent payment in V-Bucks and you will not be able to convert virtual currencies to real ones.

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