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    How to use left hand or secondary hand in Minecraft

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    In this article we will show you how to use the secondary hand in an easy way so that you can play much better and that you can defend yourself in this world. Even if you want you can play the demo version of Minecraft to try and you will see that you will like it.

    You will see that after reading our article you will have all the necessary knowledge about this secondary hand and you will have all the information. This video game is one of the first to be cross-platform, so you can download it to your Android and iOS mobile too

    What is the secondary hand?

    Before we show you how the off hand works, we will first talk to you about what this hand is and everything you need to know in order to use it in the best way. So you can have the necessary knowledge to use the secondary hand correctly and be the best Minecraft player.

    The secondary hand is a relatively new mechanism within the game that allows the player to use two tools or blocks at the same time. Players can equip any type of item in this hand and use it smoothly as long as they have nothing in the other hand.

    In combat you can equip the shield to avoid shots and arrows without taking damage, another way to use the second hand is to equip him with arrows that you can shoot with a bow and crossbow.

    Knowing how to use the second hand is very important since there are items that can only be used when equipped in the second hand, like the resurrection totems that must be in this hand to be activated.

    That's why in this guide we'll show you how you should use this game feature so you can be the best and show them they can never beat you. Using this hand is not difficult at all and with the steps that we will show you, you will be able to use any block with this hand.

    How to use the secondary hand of Minecraft?

    The process you need to go through to use the off hand is very simple, we will show you how to use the off hand in different ways so that you have different options to use it.

    Before we start it is worth mentioning that this feature is relatively new to this game so if you don't have the updated version of Minecraft you may not be able to use the off hand, also now before you start it is important  update minecraft,  in to be able to use the secondary hand without problems. You can also use it in multiplayer mode without any problem and then play with two or more people in Minecraft

    Step 1

    In order to use the secondary hand, the first thing you need to do is press the E key for enter al your inventory where you will have all the items your character has equipped.

    Once the character inventory window opens, you need to place the item you want it to be the character has in this hand in the box with the shield icon, then press the E key again and your character should have the item in the off hand.

    Step 2

    Another method you can apply in order to use an item or block in your off hand is the one we will show you next. All you have to do is place the object in the toolbar objects bottom and press the F key, which will automatically place the block in your hand, to change the object, all you have to do is locate the object you are about to change and press the F key again.

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