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Here's how to grab all the It Takes Two trophies.

If you aspire to conquer all the trophies of It Takes Two you are in the right place: this guide aims to take you step by step towards platinum. The trophies from Hazelight Studios' latest title aren't particularly hard to grab. The difficulty lies in understanding exactly what to do, also because the descriptions provided are not very helpful. So here is the list of tasks to be performed to unlock every single trophy of this platform.

In our opinion, the best way to get all the It Takes Two trophies is to play the title for the first time, enjoying it to the fullest. You will then return to the trophies you missed via the chapter selection, making your missing It Takes Two trophies yours very quickly. Let's go now to see them in detail.

  • Electrifying friendship
    During chapter 2, you will reach a circular platform with 8 red latches: before you blow them up, go to the right. You will find a red button that says "Start". Press it to get the trophy.
  • Posing
    During chapter 2, after the boss fight, you will find a camera. Take the picture of Cody and May using the self-timer button.
  • Distant signals
    During chapter 3 you will go through portals. When you go inside the yellow portal jump to the first pad on the right to reach the top of the pillow tower. Interact with the antenna and look for 4 different frequencies. Listen to them all to win the trophy.
  • See how it flies
    During chapter 3, when you go inside the yellow portal, you will find a blue ramp nearby. Catapult Cody up the ramp with May's help. Shrink Cody and place him on the bottom edge of the ramp. Have May jump to the top from the top, using the press jump. You will fly Cody into the sky and unlock the trophy.
  • Divorosaurus
    During chapter 3, you will find a dinosaur puppet. May can jump on it and guide him, managing the platforms for Cody. Immediately after raising the first platform, press the button again to make the dinosaur's head move to eat Cody and unlock the trophy.
  • Lost and found
    During Chapter 5, you will find a frozen lake in the frozen village. Go through it to find a turtle with 4 empty shells. Then activate the towers around the winter village to make them appear inside the lake. You will see 2 blue and 2 red ones. Use the magnetic powers to bring them back to the adult turtle.
  • It's time for baby food!
    During chapter 5 you will have to go into the water, reaching an underwater station. Get out of the station and out of the water, then look for a boat. Inside you will find two harpoons: use them to catch fish and feed them to the seals.
  • The terror of the seven seas
    During chapter 5 you will have to go into the water, reaching an underwater station. Exit the station and the water. Find the pirate ship and get on it. Open the treasure chest and wear the hat inside to unlock the trophy.
  • Miniature relaxation
    After the boss fight in the garden, go to the right, not going up the stairs. You will find a spa. Interact with the various locations to get this trophy.
  • Meditation guru
    During the chapter dedicated to music you will have jetpacks available and you can enter a drum, located near the right dome. You will find two stools: interact with them to meditate and unlock the trophy.

  • Together is better
    Obtainable by continuing with the main storyline.
  • Minigames mania
    Obtainable by unlocking all of the It Takes Two minigames, for which we have made this special guide.
  • Escaped plastic
    During chapter 3 you will find a star lamp and a torch. To the right of the latter there will be some cushions on which to jump some cushions to find a plastic prison with 2 statuettes inside (the characters of A Way Out). Both players must perform jump “press” at the same time on the buttons in front of the statues. You will get the trophy.
    During chapter 3 you will find a piggy bank with 4 gold coins. Collect them and put them in the piggy bank to make it spin. Jump on his belly to open it and get the trophy.
  • A reckless type
    During chapter 3, when you explore Rose's room, go straight but don't take the story path to the right. You will find a toy car in front of a red ramp. One player will have to go aboard while the other will have to grab it and aim for the red ramp and then release it, pulling halfway through the charge. You will have to cross the red circle with the toy car in order to win the trophy.
  • You become artists
    During chapter 3, continue to the castle courtyard and then go to the path to the right, where there will be a printer and some paint. Jump between the pieces behind the printer to unlock the trophy.
  • Adventure on the rails
    During chapter 3, in the same section as the previous trophy, you will find tracks. Wait for the train to arrive and hop on it to get the trophy.
  • PI can't do more platforms
    During Chapter 4, in the clock tower village you will find a tower with moving platforms. Climb it to the top to get the trophy.
  • Triangular force
    During Chapter 4, in the clock tower village, go to the river and board the boat with both characters. Reach the house with the boat and enter it to win the trophy.
  • Fluctuating mood
    During chapter 5, in the winter village, let the bell in the left tower ring. Under the same tower there will be a swing with a person swinging on it. Push it using the magnetic powers to get the trophy.

  • Unbeatable couple
    Collect all It Takes Two trophies.

► It Takes Two is a Platform-Adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 26/03/2021

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