Monster Hunter Rise - Multiplayer Guide

Here's how to play with your friends!

A fundamental component of the new Monster Hunter Rise, the RPG of the homonymous saga recently released on the Nintendo Switch console, is the multiplayer part. The latter in fact allows each user to join forces with their friends to face exciting missions and defeat powerful monsters, all by adjusting a few settings that we will try to explain to you in this short guide.

Access to multiplayer

Before you can access the multiplayer mode you will need to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, service available both individually - at the price of 3,41 euros for a month, around 7 euros for three months and around 17 euros for a year - either through an annual family plan for the price of around 30 euros. Once you have the latter, to gain access to the multiplayer mode, you will need to speak to the courier Felyne Senri, who can be crossed near the center of Kamura village. To play with other online users a Monster hunter rise you will need, from the list of options proposed by Senri, to select Play Online, and then opt for one of the possibilities offered by the following menu:

  • Find a lobby: useful for finding a lobby among those already existing;
  • Search by Lobby ID: ideal for identifying a specific lobby;
  • Friends List: Perfect for finding - and quickly joining forces - with a friend.
  • Create a lobby: This option will allow you to host the session by adjusting its settings.

Are you gathered in the same room and don't need to be online for that? The list of possibilities offered by Senri will propose the right option also for this eventuality: you just need to select the item Play locally, and then find an existing lobby or create one to host the session!

Join forces for a mission

Once you have completed the steps listed above, you will have the opportunity to take part, together with your friends, in various missions of Monster hunter rise, grouped under the heading "hub missions".

To embark on one of these adventures you will have to accept a Minoto mission in the Gathering Hub: this step will allow the other players in the lobby to join the same quest, simply by selecting it from the board next to the Minoto reception desk.

Hub missions have no limits: this will allow you to face them both alone and in a group, making you flanked by up to three other players. To change, based on the number of participating users, will be only the difficulty of the mission, which will be challenging in single and increasingly difficult as the number of players increases.

In case the number of players is less than the maximum four and you want some extra support once the mission has started, you can always consult the Missions tab of the menu, and then send a registration request and invite someone to join the team. Has another player chosen a mission you haven't unlocked yet? Don't worry, because you can play it anyway and keep all the materials earned by completing it, but you will have to complete it again once it is unlocked in game!

To start a Monster hunter rise all the players will have to, after being properly prepared, press the RZ button: the quest will be over only if the team is able, within the time limit and without its members fainting three times, to complete the objective. To end the session, all you have to do is talk to Senri once you return to the Gathering Center at the end of the hub mission.

Recall that the title is currently available on Nintendo Switch and that the arrival of a PC version would currently be scheduled for 2022.

► Monster Hunter Rise is an RPG type game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch, the video game was released on 26/03/2021
Monster Hunter Rise is a game to own at all costs: we decided to evaluate it with a 92%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Monster Hunter Rise Review

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