Outer Wilds: how to finish the game

Outer Wilds is certainly one of the most interesting titles among those released in recent years: the players find themselves immersed in a solar system full of details, created by the enterprising guys of Mobius Digital, with several planets with different characteristics that must be thoroughly explored to solve the mystery behind an ancient civilization, which inhabited the same solar system many years ago. Completing Outer Wilds can be complex and, precisely for this reason, we are here to provide you with important help: since the title is based precisely on investigating and discovering the secret behind the solar system for yourself, we will first provide you with the vaguest clues on how to complete the game and , in case these are not enough, we will go even more specifically.

As already mentioned therefore, finishing Outer Wilds means reconstruct the history of the ancestors of the solar system where the Teporians live, the race to which the player also belongs. These ancient astronauts are named after Nomai and immediately the player has to do with their writings and their experiences, which explain their history, their knowledge and above all their final goal. Finally, we remind you how the game is totally based on the discovery of useful information: if you don't know what to do, before consulting the guide, we recommend that you explore everything around you in order to get the necessary clues to proceed.

Some help finishing Outer Wilds
To complete Outer Wilds it is important first help yourself with the on-board computer: in fact, it shows all the main elements relating to the current knowledge that the player has acquired about the history of the solar system. It is important andexplore in depth every planet, satellite and artificial structure present in the game, in such a way as to become aware of the existence of all the main elements necessary to complete the story, shown in the on-board computer in larger boxes. Specifically, the Orbital Cannon Launches Probes, the Vessel, the Twin Ash Project, the Quantum Moon and what is hidden within the core of Deep Gigantic are extremely important elements to complete the game.

Not enough for you yet? Then we will go into more detail
To finish Outer Wilds it is necessary to go to the Nomai object of interest: theEye of the Universe. To locate it, you must first identify the Vessello, the Nomai spaceship that was wrecked on Bramble. To find it, it is essential to follow the sound signal of the emergency radio frequencies, paying attention to the Monkfish, using a technique that can be learned to avoid them inside the underground city of Gemello Braci.

To move the Vessel to the destination it is necessary to use a advanced warp core and especially get the coordinates of the eye of the universe: these are recorded inside a part of the Probe Launcher Orbital Cannon crashed into the core of Profondo Gigantesco. To access it you must first overcome the strong current under the surface (how to do it is explained in the Southern Observatory of Vuoto Fragile) and the electrical barrier that covers the core: in this case it is Feldspar that will give us the necessary clues; to reach the explorer just follow the sound of his instrument, which seems to come from an area on Cuore Legnoso… and beyond.

It is also important to be able to enter the Ash Twin project and recover the advanced warp core present there: to access it, you need to go to the planet and find a way to enter the project. Still not enough for you? Then think about the displacement system created by the Nomai through curvature nuclei, which allows you to reach different places instantly, with Twin Ash and Twin Ember sharing the same alignment point. It is also important to make use of the rule learned within the Forge Black Hole on Fragile Void, according to which it is not necessary to stop on the curvature core during the alignment, but there is a margin of a few degrees to be catapulted into space-time anyway.

In short, we hope all these tips will help you: This guide avoids a schematic description of all the actions required to finish the game, as something like this would totally ruin the experience of the Annapurna Interactive title. However, do not hesitate to ask us questions and ask for advice if necessary.

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