Persona 5 Royal - Madarame's Seeds of Greed

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A little help finding three seeds of greed in Madarame's palace

In Persona 5 Royal, a revised and updated version of the ATLUS masterpiece JRPG, several new features have been introduced, including Seeds of Greed. Three Seeds are hidden in each Palace, each hidden by a door covered with brambles. In the short term, harvesting them will only restore a small fraction of the SP of the group, which is no small thing, however, but once we have collected all of them we can use them to obtain very useful accessories. Below we will see how to retrieve all three Seeds of Greed in Madarame Palace.

The first Seed, starting from the third Safe Room, will be in the exhibition room where it will be necessary to deactivate the electrified walls. Going upstairs you can use the grapple to go through the glass door and go down to the floor below, to find yourself in front of the door that hides the first seed.

The second seed should be retrieved starting from the fifth Safe Room, the closest to the paintings it will be possible to enter. These will be our goal. Sneak into the first (the one with the dunes) and then pass the torii of the second. In the third, climb to the top of the peak and then move towards the inside of the picture. Then go through the fourth and go out. Follow the road down and then sneak into an opening in the wall. Enter, go to the other side and go downstairs. Cross the room and then sneak between the containers to the right and use the grappling hook again to climb up and press the button next to the chest.

Go down and go back to see that the grate in front of the door of the Seed of Greed has been opened. For the third seed start from the sixth Safe Room and circle around the central room. Pay attention to the left side of the corridor where you will find a tunnel to enter and then use the grapple. Cross the room using the scaffolding and reach the second tunnel. Drop down and you will reach the third seed.

With this you will have made your own all the Seeds of Greed contained in Madarame's Palace in Persona 5 Royal.

► Persona 5 Royal is an Adventure-RPG game developed and published by ATLUS for PlayStation 4, the video game was released on 31/03/2020
Persona 5 Royal is a game to own at all costs: we decided to evaluate it with a 98%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Persona 5 Royal review

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