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Strategy and cards.

Roguebook, the deckbuilder of Abrakam Entertainment SA, has proved to be a more than deserving title aimed at fans of the genre, and beyond.

Its release on PC exclusively on Steam, will therefore allow all Roguebook fans to collect not only cards, but also its numerous achievements.

  • Study of the Lama: Unlock 5 Sharra Cards.
  • Sharra completist: Unlock all Sharra cards.
  • Sharra Master: Play all Sharra cards at least once.
  • Strengthening: Unlock 5 Frog cards.
  • Sorocco completist: Unlock all Frog cards.
  • Mastery with Sorocco: Play all of Frog's cards at least once.
  • Slit: Unlock 5 Seifer cards.
  • Seifer completist: Unlock all of Seifer's cards.
  • Mastery with Seifer: Play all of Seifer's cards at least once.
  • Slow but inexorable: Unlock 5 cards of Aurora.
  • Aurora completist: Unlock all of Aurora's cards.
  • Mastery with Aurora: Play all of Aurora's cards at least once.
  • Level up: The group reaches level 2.
  • Complete experience: The group reaches the maximum level.
  • Main improvement: Purchase at least 1 degree of improvement.
  • Discovery of the crypt: Enter 10 magic crypts.
  • Crypt Explorer: Enter 100 magic crypts.
  • Archivist: Enter 1.000 magic crypts.
  • Seeker: Enter 10 gem mines.
  • Miner: Enter 100 gem mines.
  • Excavator: Enter 500 gem mines.
  • Archaeologist: Find 10 treasures on the map.
  • Expert Archaeologist: Find 100 treasures on the map.
  • Master Archaeologist: Find 500 treasures on the map.
  • Climber: Visit 10 Heavenly Towers.

  • New Horizons: Visit 100 Heavenly Towers.
  • From here I see my house: Visit 500 Heavenly Towers.
  • Come back, Frog: Go to Fugoro to get your treasure 10 times.
  • Happy Cards: Reveals 10.000 tiles.
  • Ink Master: Use all types of Ink at least once.
  • Piñata Dorate: Defeat 10 Golden Faerie.
  • The Forest of Erianor: Complete Chapter 1.
  • Conquest of the Forest: Defeat all bosses from Chapter 1.
  • High sky: Complete Chapter 2.
  • The Conquest of Altocielo: Defeat all bosses from Chapter 2.
  • The Ruins of Fucinacuore: Complete Chapter 3.
  • Avatar of the Mist: Defeat the Avatar of the Mist.
  • Avatar of the Needles: Defeat the Avatar of the Needles.
  • Avatars Avatar: Defeat Avatar of Avarice.
  • Neverending Story: Attend all original story events at least once.
  • Unmask the Fool: Unlock Seifer.
  • The Elder: Unlock Aurora.
  • New game +: Complete an Epilogue Challenge.
  • Roguebook expert: Complete a run at level 10 of the Epilogue.
  • Roguebook Master: Complete a run at the highest level of the Epilogue.
  • Forbidden Frisbee: Deal 1.000 damage with daggers.
  • Breath of Fire: Have Frog deal 1.000 Area of ​​Effect damage.
  • Carnage: Gain 1.000 Rage.
  • Tea ceremony: Actively use Aurora's Teapot 50 times.
  • Greed: Complete a run with 1.000 Gold left.
  • Blessed Coin: Earn more than 100.000 Gold.
  • Adventure Mission: Defeat the Roguebook with all pairs of heroes.
  • Master the Mine: earn all achievements

Are you ready to get involved in the Roguebook flow? Reaching the right degree of involvement, collecting all the achievements could be a particularly stimulating challenge.

► Roguebook is an RPG-Strategy-Turn-Based-Adventure-Indie game developed by Abrakam Entertainment SA and published by Bigben Interactive Nacon Abrakam Entertainment SA for Linux, PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 , the video game was released on 17/06/2021
Roguebook is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 85%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Roguebook Review

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