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    Solution: "A connection error has occurred, please restart and run the client again" in Valorant

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    Having a problem after downloading and installing Valorant can be very annoying, but in this guide we will try to solve: "A connection error has occurred, please restart and run the client again" in Valorant, a problem that prohibits playing.

    Possible causes of "A connection error has occurred, please restart and run the client again" in Valorant

    It is best to check the obvious at first. Eg, check if your ping is high, in that case there are ways to lower or lower the high ping in Valorant. But if that's not your problem, check out the following.

    The stability of your Internet connection

    A constant failure of the Internet connection can cause "A connection error has occurred, please restart and run the client again". Your internet may appear to be working, but small drops can cause Valorant to malfunction. For this reason it is necessary analyze the Internet connection.

    One way to analyze this is by looking directly at the Windows icons. If you think the stability is inadequate, watch them while using the connection or even while playing other online games.

    If you find that the stability of the connection is compromised, there is no choice but to call your internet provider to find the solution. Although first you can try some ways to remove limited or no connectivity (no internet access).

    Check for updates

    This error can appear when updating Valorant. As you well know, Valorant is an online video game and constantly receives updates. Usually when we are playing and the system requires an update, the servers are paused.

    Therefore, if the problem suddenly occurs during playback, an update may be required. If so, simply close the game completely, even the Launcher. Start the Launcher again and check for an update.

    If an update is indeed needed, simply wait for the update to complete and try to run the game again. It's certainly not common, but it doesn't hurt to verify this as one of the possible reasons for the problem.

    Solutions for "There was a connection error, please restart and run the client again" from Valorant

    Certainly the causes of the error are different, but fortunately we can access several possible solutions. Therefore, if you have this problem, try the following.

    Perhaps the "VGC" service is disabled

    The VGC service is essential for running Valorant, if this is disabled the game will not work properly. These services may have been disabled for one reason or another from the Windows services list. If so, you can try the following:

    • Press Windows + R to start » Run «.
    • Once the tool is displayed, type » msconfig »And click OK.
    • Some advanced Windows options will be displayed, this time go to » Services «.
    • The first thing is to activate the option "Hide all Microsoft services", this way you can find the VGC service more easily. Before proceeding, it is very important that you do not make any changes other than the one we will mention below.
    • Make sure the VGC service is activated, after having done this check, just click on Accept and see if the error has disappeared.

    Run the game as an administrator

    Although not a much discussed solution, some users have stated that it can be useful in the case of the problem "There was a connection error, restart and run the client again". For this solution we will perform some simple configurations in access direct of the program.

    • As we pointed out earlier, go to the Valorant shortcut. Just right click on it and go to the section » Compatibility «.
    • Now look for the option "Run this program as an administrator" and activate it. Likewise, it is usually recommended to use the "Disable fullscreen optimizations" option. After that, simply click on «Accept».

    Configuring to run the program as an administrator can help, however, you can only verify this by testing it directly in the game.

    Finally, if you can't solve the problem, remember that there are games similar to Overwatch, in other words, that are also very similar to Valorant.

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