Sony registers the Soho Engine trademark

The Gateway is one of the eligible titles for an unexpected return.

Sony has registered a "Soho Engine" trademark in Europe. This name for many may not mean anything, but for fans it could mean juicy news coming soon. For example, the return of one of Sony's biggest cult titles.

Team Soho was the developer of the PlayStation 2 open world crime title The Gateway. It's not one of the most critically acclaimed or commercially successful games at the time, but many who have played it look back in time with a lot of admiration. Especially for everything the title had to offer despite the hardware that was available.

Obviously this news is to be taken with a grain of salt, but it is very likely that SIE London Studio is working on a new title for The Gateway.. Probably this new title will be focused on VR given the new path taken by the developer. What is known is that the developer is working on a new title for the PlayStation 5, and therefore it is very likely that Sony wanted to use them to give away a new title for the series.

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