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    The best BMX bike games for iPhone, Android and PC

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    Nowadays, mobile devices accompany us at all times, whether at work or in transport, we usually have your mobile phone at your fingertips.

    While it is true that there are times of the day when we can be very busy, there are times when we are not doing "nothing", like waiting for the bus, waiting for someone for an appointment, queuing at the supermarket, etc.

    It is in those moments when we seek more something to do, especially on mobile, the good news here is that there are several ways to spend that time.

    Whether on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, in addition to the topic we will talk about today, play on mobile. That's why, at MiracomoSeHace, we offer you the best selection you can try from now on.

    Of course, keep in mind that the games mentioned below work for any device, however, it is advisable to have a mid-range or high-end one.

    The best BMX games for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Let's start with the best free internet free games for iPhone and iPad. Among these, there is "Mad Skills BMX 2" which in addition to having a great customization, you can play multiplayer with your friends.

    «King of Dirt» is available for both Android and iOS, a game that shouldn't be denied the opportunity.

    On the other hand, if you are looking to play missions, you can choose to download Stickman BMX, a 2-dimensional level game in which you will discover many things.

    We will talk more about this in the Android version, but it is important that you know that there is an iOS mobile version. Then, another free version for iOs and in 2 dimensions, we have the re BMX Backflip. 

    Finally, let's see the "Mountain bike simulator" that already from the name you can guess what this option is about. It is a totally BMC bike game and more than a game it is a real experience that you can try for free.

    The best bike games for Android

    Before starting with the list of best bike games, you should know that among them are free games for Android. However, some may need such a connection.

    We are talking about "King of dirt", this game doesn't have many maps to play, but you can definitely have fun doing the 20+ tricks and modifying your avatar. Its 1st and 3rd person playability is worth highlighting.

    With 4 more tricks than the previous one there is «Pumped BMX 3», with a 2D version, you have to overcome more than 750 challenges and you can use any of the 15 characters available.

    We continue with Touchgrind BMX, an extremely interesting game where you literally ride the bike by yourself, in this case you may need to use both fingers to control the bike and do all the tricks available.

    Finally, don't forget to check this other list with the best offline games for Android devices, great when you go by bus and you don't want to spend your data plan.

    The best BMX games for Windows PC

    Next, we offer you the best BMX bike games for Windows, however, we recommend that you first optimize and speed up your PC for trouble-free gaming. 

    Continuing with i bike games in two dimensions, we find Mountain Bike, a game with essential graphics that promises a few hours of fun.

    However, you can go a little further, there are games like «extreme mountain biking» that can be played in 3D, there are several modes including racing.

    Another very interesting game, in which you can play on rocky, mountainous, beach and other maps, is «Trials Fusion». Likewise, with a remarkably real graphics, there is the “Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX” which despite being a bit old, never ceases to amuse.

    It is worth leaving some games like the BMX series «Pro Style Game» e «Extreme Game» o «Backflips BMX».

    Hope you have been interested in one of the games on display and of course don't wait any longer! Also remembering that you get the best experiences on your mobile or with a joystick.

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