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    The best views of Call of Duty: Mobile

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    There are many locations in Call of Duty: Mobile that you can equip to make yourself more deadly with each hit. However, depending on the situation you are in, some may be more useful than others. For this same reason, today we will tell you what are the best attractions of Call of Duty: Mobile.

    Do you want to be the best of your friends by playing Call of Duty: Mobile? Then find out what is the perfect show for every occasion. Be careful, it would also be interesting for you to see these 10 strategies or tricks to survive in Call of Duty: Mobile. Likewise, you'll want to try out all the sights until you get one that fits your play style.

    Call of Duty best views; Mobile

    The default sniper appearance

    The sniper weapon it's one of the deadliest in the game because it can kill you with a single shot. We're talking about the perfect viewfinder to equip when playing on large maps and working hard. One of the most used sights in Call of Duty: Mobile!

    Watch tactics

    Watch Call of Duty: Mobile Tactics

    It is the scope that has the longest range after the default sniper. However, it takes away a lot of visibility and doesn't show you to the sides. It is only recommended for use in rifles, although it can only be used in snipers when it comes to a small map.

    Red dot sight

    Ideal for assault rifles, machine guns and machine guns. It's one of the best sights in the game because has more vision than the previous, which results in better aim. It is a scope that you can easily manage to defeat your enemies without suffering vulnerabilities due to lack of vision.

    The viewfinder it is used at long, medium and short distances. If it's a long distance, you need to be able to play very well to make the most of it. However, in short films and mediums it will be very useful to you to easily destroy the enemy.

    Holographic appearance

    Call of Duty: mobile holographic aspect

    It only works with submachine guns and is one of the sights that will require the most vision. You have to be careful when using it on the leaderboard since it will take away from the accuracy of your weapon because you will lose more bullets by not having optimal vision. It is recommended to use only on closed maps.

    without sight

    Sometimes the best goal may be not having one (especially if you are using a shotgun or submachine gun). Professional gamers don't use crosshairs because they have greater accuracy, although it is more difficult to move around the map. Playing without sight allows you to control recoil because you have more vision than normal and know where to move your finger to aim.

    Of course, you have to practice a lot to master the technique of playing without sight. When you start out, the results will likely not be as good as you imagine. But after you have trained, there will be no more anyone who can with you!

    On the other hand, we invite you to see this article explaining how to get new free skins in Call of Duty: Mobile Furthermore, you should also check out these settings to play Call of Duty: Mobile like a pro.

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