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Let's find out all the unlockable achievements in the horror made by Bloober Team.

Since its release, about a month ago, The Medium has garnered mostly positive opinions as confirmed by our review, but to 100% complete the Bloober Team title, you need to navigate a goal list of 39 achievements which will allow the achievement of 1000G on Xbox Series X.

The Medium consists of a full-bodied but affordable objective list:

  • A dangerous method - You found a note from a worried man. 10 G
  • He's calling me - Found all echoes in a single match. 40 G
  • I feel the smell - You found a mysterious echo. 10 G
  • Dual detective - You have inspected 50 objects in a single match. 30 G
  • Dal Niwa with love - You found a card from the guardian. 10 G
  • Guiding light - You found a page from a mentor's diary. 10 G
  • All the pieces in place - You have reconstructed a fragment of memory. 10 G
  • Inner detective - You have inspected 25 objects in a single match. 10 G
  • Perceptive - You have used Insight for at least 15 minutes. 30 G
  • abandonment - You found an echo. 10 G

  • Ghost - You avoided the creature without alerting it. 40 G
  • Paranormal detective - You have inspected 100 objects in a single match. 50 G
  • Understanding the past - You have rebuilt all the fragments of memories in a single game. 40 G
  • Spiritual walk - You spent 10 minutes out of your body. 20 G
  • All that is left to say - Found all of Frank's postcards in a single match. 40 G
  • An Unknown Outcome - Found all of Thomas' notes in a single game. 40 G
  • Channel - You used the Spirit Blast to create electricity. 20 G
  • Eat the darkness - Found all pages of Richard's diary in a single game. 40 G
  • Hungry feline - You fed the cat in Jack's apartment. 20 G
  • You followed the lead - Found all Henry's echoes in a single match. 40 G
  • Medium cooking - You burned the moths with the Spirit Shield. 20 G
  • Racing simulator - You ran 2 kilometers. 30 G
  • The last farewell - You sent Jack's spirit away. 20 G

  • Welcome to Niwa - You have reached the hotel. 20 G
  • A cheerful person - You met Sadness. 20 G
  • On the verge of madness - You got the razor. 20 G
  • You saw, you ran, you did it - You've been through a monstrous encounter. 20 G
  • Mirror mirror on the wall - You completed the broken mirror. 20 G
  • Cut it short - You got the wire cutters. 20 G
  • The Mangiabambini - You experienced Thomas' first vision. 20 G
  • No forgiveness - You sent the Child Eater away. 20 G
  • Fatal shock - You defeated the creature in the flooded ruins. 30 G
  • Under the ashes - You found the red house. 20 G
  • The Hound - You lived Thomas's second vision. 20 G
  • Unrepentant - You sent the Hound away. 20 G
  • The deal - You discovered the mystery of the burned house. 20 G
  • Dark water - You went through the pumping station. 20 G
  • Mirror mirror on the wall - You completed the broken mirror. 20 G
  • You can't always save everyone - You finished the game. 100 G

And with this we have 100% completed The Medium and reached 1000 G in the objective list, a task not too difficult and that could be completed even at the first run by adopting some shrewdness and great attention to detail of the Bloober Team title.

► The Medium is an Adventure type game developed and published by Bloober Team for PC and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 28/01/2021
The Medium is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 80%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the review of The Medium

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