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    The most surreal games for your smartphone

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    There are many video games for mobile phones and of all kinds. Although adventure, shooting, action, racing or role-playing games are the most popular genres, a sometimes it happens to come across titles that defy all logic.

    This is the case with the three games that we present to you below. Three truly surreal, extravagant but equally fascinating video games. We would not know how to classify them so we recommend you simply try them yourself as they will leave you indifferent.

    Sticky bodysuits

    It's a surreal version of Britain where each level begins with a character crossing the clouds to land. Our goal will be to guide this character by making sure we land in the giant mouth that awaits him at the bottom. Along the way we must collect everything that is in our way to create a gigantic chain. The more things we collect along the way, the higher the score. Is the explanation clear?


    Another game that brings them to you. Verticow's mechanics are quite simple, consists of throwing an infinite number of random objects as far as possible to set distance records. And what can we throw in the air? Anything we can think of, from a roast chicken to a pair of vintage boots. Best of all is its art style and if you don't fall in love with its gameplay, its graphics will.


    Last but not least, we're going with a puzzle game albeit nothing to do with the last one we tried, Pokémon Café Mix. In Kontrast, a game divided into 7 worlds, we will experience a black and white puzzle title in which we will have to think a lot to solve all its puzzles. What you see is not what it seems and finding the key is not easy.

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