The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series - Complete Walkthrough - Episode 4: Around Every Corner

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Lluis Enric Mayans

Chapter 1: the city

At the beginning of the chapter, talk to Clementine, initially ignore Omid's wound and then talk to Kenny and Christa and decide to stop and let Omid rest. Then get ready to shoot: aim for the zombie that Kenny will take, then kill as many zombies as you can to allow Chuck to save Clementine. Talk to everyone (you will have to decide whether to take Kenny's or Christa's side), then try to comfort Omid about the state of his leg. Talk to Kenny and Ben again, then examine the surroundings of the house and the dog flap.

Search the surroundings again for an entrance, then pick up the shovel and dig into the dog's pit to get the dog's collar, which you will need to open the door and unlock the entrance to the house.

Once inside, first examine the entire ground floor, opening all the doors. When you're done, head up the stairs to find Kenny.

KEY CHOICE: Kenny in the attic will find a zombie child who will remind him of his son, you will have to decide whether to leave him alone or whether to help him kill him. The baby will die anyway, and at that point you have to take him outside and put him in the pit, covering him with earth with the shovel.

Once finished, you will go ahead: break the newspaper dispenser with your weapon to collect a coin, put it in the telescope and use it to look around. Turn your gaze all the way to the left to see a new character, join him to be able to talk to him: it's Molly, who will tell you something about the city just before you are attacked by zombies. When the ladder breaks during the escape, pick up Molly's grappling hook and use it to open the manhole and drop into the sewers.

Chapter 2: the sewers

Go down the stairs and continue. When you meet the zombies turn left and turn the valve to distract them. Pick up the valve just turned and continue on the path just cleared by the undead. Open the grate with the grappling hook, then insert the valve and turn it, to attract the zombies back towards you; now retrace your steps and wait for all enemies to have passed over to continue. You will discover that the body they were eating was Chuck's, who was unable to escape after you left him alone in town. Continue: zombies will try to grab you, use the grappling hook to hit them in the hands and face and free you. Then try to climb unsuccessfully when the road ends. Examine the power to discover the hidden passage and enter. Be careful to collect the gun or else they will shoot you and it will be game over. Decide whether or not to ask for help to find the way out and the way to your group.

Chapter 3: return to the shelter

Once back, scan the whole house for Clementine, then talk to Kenny (at the bottom of the stairs) and the others, finally go out and also examine the back garden. Examine the shed and the broken ventilation fan, then open the door to find Clementine and the boat. Follow the discussion that will follow with the group to decide whether to attack the other citizens by force or whether to opt for a stealth approach (we recommend the second choice), then decide whether Clementine will accompany you on the mission or not.

Chapter 4: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Exit the manhole and use the ax to get rid of the guard. Follow Molly and enter the shed. Once inside, climb onto the shelves and look out the grate, then retrace your steps. Use the command to raise the door, ask Molly for the borrowed grapple and use it on the plumbing pipe to solve this simple puzzle. Now collect the batteries, climb into the truck and shoot the skylight. Help Molly up by grabbing her hand, then climb up the roof with her.

Go back to the classroom, close the door and shoot the zombies to stop them from catching you. Pick up the ax from the floor and bar the door. Then continue in the corridors killing all the zombies and enter the room you will find, where you will have to inspect everything and insert the tape into the camera to view it. Go to the office where (you will have found out from the video) the doctor died, fight and open the cabinet with the blood stains. Head back to the Nurses' Office and watch the new cutscene to find out more about Molly's past. Go back to the classroom and kill the zombie that grabs Molly (if you choose to take Clem with you, the girl will save Molly). Continue to fight the zombies, finally choose whether to let go of Ben or try to save him.

Chapter 5: the following morning

Just talk to everyone. Then go out into the street and pick up Clementine's hat, the radio and, when the zombie bites you, kick it in the head.

KEY CHOICE: you will now have to decide whether to tell the group that you have been bitten or not. We advise you to keep the bite hidden, at least at this stage of the game. You will reveal the bitter truth to your companions during the fifth episode.

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