Void Terrarium ++ - Trophy List

Ready to discover the procedural dungeons created by NIS America?

Void Terrarium ++ is the new adventure curated by NIS America available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. In a post-apocalyptic setting mixed with fabulous features, a small robot and an artificial intelligence ally undertake to take care of a child who survived the disaster that decimated the human species. Sony console owners will be able to experience procedural dungeons as they battle for the game's platinum rush.

Below is the complete list of Void Terrarium ++ trophies in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions:


  • void HelloWorld! () – Activated the robot
  • void CheckLevel (10) – Reached level 10
  • void Completion() – Completed the terrarium exterior
  • void WakeUp() – Woke up the girl
  • void Cure() – Cured Overgrowth disease
  • void BoyMeetsGirl() – Discovered Overgrowth disease
  • void EnemyHunter(1,rad) – Defeated a contaminated enemy
  • void SkillCollector(10) – Acquired 10 skills
  • void OutOfGas() – Defeated yourself by running out of energy
  • void EnemyHunter(100) – Defeated 100 enemies
  • void EatTheBug(5) – Fed the girl 5 types of food
  • void SkillUser(10) – Used 10 active skills
  • void GetSick(3) – Allowed the girl to contract 3 illnesses
  • void EnemyHunter(10) – Defeated 10 enemies
  • void CreateFurniture(10) – Created 10 types of decor
  • void PushStartButton(10) – Played with the girl 10 times via Pet Nanny


  • void SkillUser(100) – Used 100 active skills
  • void EnemyHunter(1000) – Defeated 1,000 enemies
  • void PresentForYou() – Gifted the girl a toy
  • void EnemyHunter(1,***) – Defeated the source of the contamination
  • void BeWithYou() – Gazed upon the moon with the girl
  • void GetSick(6) – Allowed the girl to contract 6 illnesses
  • void CreateFurniture(20) – Created 20 types of decor
  • void CheckLevel(30) – Reached level 30
  • void SkillCollector(50) – Acquired 50 skills


  • void SkillUser(500) – Used 500 active skills
  • void EatTheBug(all) – Fed the girl every type of food
  • void CreateFurniture(30) – Created 30 types of decor
  • void CheckLevel(50) – Reached level 50
  • void TheEnd() – Cleared the game
  • void KillThemAll() – Defeated every type of enemy


  • void tRrLM(); [] – Obtained all trophies

Void Terrarium ++ for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consists of 16 bronze, 9 silver, 6 gold and platinum trophies, for a total of 32 cups.

► Void Terrarium ++ is an RPG type game developed by NIS America Nippon Ichi and published by NIS America for PlayStation 5, the video game was released on 18/02/2021
Version for PlayStation 5 from 25/05/2021
Void Terrarium ++ is a nice game that we recommend: we decided to evaluate it with a 70%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Void Terrarium ++ review.

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