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    What do the stars mean in Overwatch and how do I get the stars?

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    In other words, if you've earned an Overwatch star, it indicates that you have passed the first 100 levels obtaining a bronze one; Likewise, it will happen later until you reach level 501, it will mean that you will get 5 stars.

    Furthermore, when you are at level 600 the stars will change from bronze to silver, subsequently at level 1200 their color will be golden and from 1800 they will have a golden frame; Although at first glance it seems very complicated, it is very simple, you can also get additional information on the official page that will surely be of great help to you.

    Remember that the meaning of the stars of Overwatch suggests that a player has some visual enhancements; In addition to mainly having more experience, however, you must not be discouraged, if you follow the following tips you will be able to level up quickly.

    How can I get the stars quickly?

    get stars quickly and sure inside Overwatch you will have to use some useful tricks like in other video games; This is because increasing the level is similar to getting rubies in Mario Kart Tour, you just have to use the guidelines we mention below.

    In a group, everything is better

    In general, playing with friends will always be more fun, especially if you use the voice chat that allows you to communicate with them; Also, when you create a team, regardless of whether you start with a single person, you will have a 20% experience bonus in every game.

    In this sense it is advisable to keep in mind to invite other colleagues, and in this way you will get a greater number of stars; be it graffiti, hero skins, exceptional gestures or comedies.

    Always compete

    There are many competitions or games in which you can compete, and while it is true that by participating you will not get any extra experience; If it will be of great help to you and the more you interact in this type of event you will be able to have or quickly acquire your stars of Overwatch.

    Keep in mind that you can level up in Overwatch and then advance in it; Also, you should keep in mind that you can also easily lose the level of praise you have achieved if you quit games before you finish them. Even to the point of being half the size or less, having to go through the levels to get scores.

    Games in a row

    The stars mean that you have passed at least 100 levels; but if you play several games in a row without leaving the game, you will get a reward of 200 experience points. For this reason you will have an additional 50% from the second game to continue.

    Never give up

    You cannot for any reason abandon a game, whether you are tired of trying or that you have to do something; In this sense, the indicated thing is finish it and then pause it, as otherwise you will not have the necessary experience to acquire the stars faster.

    Medals in power

    In Overwatch the level of advancement is similar to that of Free Fire, where winning medals is what will give you the most experience; and with this you can quickly and easily reach your stars. Also, what matters is to select your hero correctly.

    Namely, remember that with them you safely acquire the stars, which means that it is necessary be the best on the team ; like the one with the most kills, blocked damage, the one that heals fastest, among others. Achieve medals, including gold which gives you an extra 150 points.

    Things you should never do in Overwatch

    The stars in Overwatch mean that you have passed and passed several levels; However it is necessary that you take into account some criteria that they will not allow you to advance in the game to get all possible stars; this is the case of the change of hero necessary to advance and obtain these stars.

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