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    What does ward or caretaker mean? How can I wage war in Dota 2 - When and where to make Wards?

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    So, if you want to know what it is and also how to put it into practice, keep reading this amazing article. On our site you will always find the best games so that you can have fun and have the best moments both alone and with your friends.

    What does Wardear mean?

    First di show the explanation of the heating technique, we will provide you alcune background information so that you can have a bigger picture of reference. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the steps that we will show you next, as if you are a newcomer to this game you may not be aware of this technique and that is why it is worth talking about it.

    Role-playing games are one of the most popular genres today. Every day the people who make their living in these games strive to find new ways to be the best players.

    The case of Dota 2 is special because it has several options that allow players to develop great strategies to improve their gameplay. One of those options provided by Dota 2 is to be able to use wards.

    What are Wards and how many types are there?

    Wards are rather special items that allow players to get a glimpse of the area they are placed in. These items are easy to place and are purchased from the Dota 2 Common Store.

    There are 2 types of departments which are i wards of the observer and wards of the sentries. The former are the most important as they are used to observe the environment from a distance. These items are completely invisible and have a vitality of 200 HP as well as having a range of 1200 and a duration of up to 6 minutes.

    Instead, the sentries they are used to reveal the existence of invisible objects. These have a vitality of 200 HP just as the barriers observe, but they don't have as large a view range as this is only 70 to see and 950 to reveal invisible objects.

    How to defend yourself in Dota 2?

    Now that you know a little about these items, it's time to show you how to use them on the battlefield. You will see that after reading this information you will greatly improve yours player skill.

    Using them is extremely simple, devi alone buy them in the game store and place them in strategic points of the arena. This way you will get some benefits such as avoiding ambushes, better controlling the area, checking the runes and many other things.

    The possibilities are unlimited as long as the player in charge of placing them is waiting to renew them. It is recommended that the user in charge be one who has a media type hero such as Crystal Maiden or Vengeful Spirit.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when examining the area is to place them in strategic points on map. Don't place them too close to your base as they won't be very useful to you and will be a significant waste of resources.

    You have to place them in the central areas and if you can close the main enemy exits. This way you can have a fairly high control of the area and the attacks of the other team will not catch you by surprise.

    The wards a player can bring into battle are therefore limited use them wisely, save them, do not place a large amount but only the necessary ones. Finally, you must always keep time in mind so that you can renew them.

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