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    Why does Free Fire get a black screen? Quick fix

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    And phones they are amazing gadgets. A few years ago, everyone believed that in order to use and play video games on consoles or PCs, very large investments had to be made. However, with the advancement of Smartphone-type devices, today we can easily enter the world of video games through various titles available in the app store of your phone, Play Store or App Store.

    This is very important since smartphone phones they are the most common in the world. It is estimated that there are more than 2 billion users distributed around the world. Thanks to this, large companies have been created that earn based on this. They offer a number of important services and simple local gaming experiences against computer players generated by the phone itself.

    One such company is Garena, which with its Free Fire title, downloadable for free from the Playstore, has conquered the world video game markets. It is very easy to predict that Garena Free Fire currently has more users of various triple A console titles, such as Battlefield, Call of Duty Warzone and others.

    One of the reasons why is able to surpass those titles is that Garena is not only available for phones, but you can also download Garena Free Fire for PC for free. This is very important and allows you to be in touch with your inner child.

    However, if you are tired of the game or your phone no longer meets the requirements and you don't really want to keep using the game, you can learn how to delete your Free Fire account.

    How to play Free Fire?

    Free Fire is a shooter action game with a very simple premise, which is that 100 players are eliminated on a desolate island. A large number of war supplements have been left on this island, which have different qualities, as there are some excellent weapons and others that only serve a moment in search of a better gun.

    Players can play in teams of 2, 3 and 4 players or start a game alone. In each mode, the other players are arranged as evenly as possible according to their skill in the game, as all the statistics of deaths, victims and assists are kept in a permanent record that records the world ranking of Free Fire players.

    How do I know if my phone can download Free Fire?

    Despite being so common, Free Fire is a game that ha really a series of graphic requests and computational that it places on the mobile device you are playing with. This is because it tries to keep a decent graphics section, which doesn't try to get into the hyper-realistic section, but rather provides good and fun graphics for most players.

    Usually, this application works on most mid-range phones that you have purchased since 2017, however, if you are looking for a new phone and want to know exactly what is needed to run Free Fire, you can check out the Minimum Requirements of the game.

    What are the reasons why the screen goes black?

    Many people have encountered the problem that when starting the application, freezes on a black or white screen. This is a fairly common problem and is caused by a number of problems. In this article, we will show you some of the most common reasons why this happens.

    First of all, you need to make sure your phone complies with the regulation on minimum requirements we mentioned above. This is because Free Fire needs your phone to be able to generate a high number of frames per second to enjoy the game.

    Clear the cache data

    Your RAM and internal memory may being too busy, so clearing the cache can be an excellent option. It is important to remember that forgetfulness can be the main cause of this problem. So try to free up some space by uninstalling some apps you no longer use and also deleting some photos from the gallery.

    Restart your mobile

    Also, there are times when while downloading files from the Playstore, we lose the connection and the download gets corrupted. That is why it is sometimes necessary to uninstall and re-download the application from scratch and it is also recommended to restart the mobile phone.

    Use apps to do a deep clean

    Sometimes simply deleting the applications or tools on our mobile device can correct the problem. And this is because either they have been completely erased from the phone, so the best solution you can apply is to use an App that can manage delete all data that is taking up space on your device.

    Why can't I start the game?

    Another problem this game usually has is that it doesn't allow me to launch the game, which of course can generate a lot of frustration. And in this case there is a possibility that yes this is a connectivity issue. Therefore you should try to verify that your internet connection is working and at the usual speed.

    In case everything is perfectly fine then this error can be due to problems generated by the game server itself. And in this case you will have to wait a bit for the situation to resolve. As it is possible that this is only a scheduled maintenance and therefore this fault will be resolved shortly.

    In a last case, this problem can be presented by an unexpected error in the game and that we can solve in a very simple way. All you have to do is enter the settings of your mobile phone, then you will enter the «Applications» section and select «Garena Free Fire». Finally you have to find and click on the option ' Clear cache memory '.

    What can I do when I can't log in?

    Another possible problem that can arise when we want to play Garena Free Fire is that it is impossible to start our session. And this is something that is repeated very often among the players of this popular game. But then what solution can we apply when for some strange reason we can't log in.

    The answer to this question is very simple and consists in accessing the virtual store, both Play Store and App Store and download the Unlimited VPN App from the USA. After this step, log into the application and click on the power button option.

    Confirm the authorization and voila, you will be able to log in, then enter the United States Unlimited VPN again and log out.

    From my Facebook account

    In case you fail to log in to Free Fire from your Facebook account, you can proceed as follows. Enter your mobile phone settings, then click on the "Applications" section, then search for and select "Free Fire". In this new window you need to search for and click on the 'Force Stop' option.

    By doing this we will allow the application to break the connection, this way you will take a break. We will wait some time to try to log in from Facebook again and we should now be logged in without any problem.

    From my Gmail account

    Similarly, you must proceed if this is not possible log in to Free Fire with our Gmail account. Go to "Settings" on your smartphone, then you have to select the "Applications and notifications" option. A list with the applications installed on your mobile will be displayed and at home you will find and select 'Garena Free Fire'.

    The next step is to press the "Force stop" button, then look for the option " Clear cache memory »And delete the archive data as well. Now simply exit that section, the game opens restarted and proceeds with entering your details to log in.

    Here are some tips for Free Fire

    It is important to remember that Free Fire is an online game that requires one high speed network connection. Therefore, some problems may arise when the WiFi network is not available.

    It is also necessary temporarily disable some applications which tend to consume a lot of data, like Facebook. This way you can start your session and spend hours playing this fun game without any problem.

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