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    Why is Free Fire waiting for players or leaving and not starting? - Solution

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    Despite its large impact on the gaming community, it sometimes has a loading error. This makes it impossible to enter, which is a major annoyance, which many believe has no solution. In See how it's done we explain the solutions of load moments that do not advance in Free Fire.

    Solution to load moments without starting in Free Fire

    Like any game that needs an online connection to play, the most common reason is an internet failure. It is important to have a good quality connection so that the game can run without delays.

    One way to know if the Internet is the problem is to quit the game and test the connection with an app. You can do this by reloading the Home page of a social network or by searching for something with the browser of the device.

    If the search or app doesn't load, the problem is the internet and you need to fix it to play. In the case of navigation data, make sure your plan is active and not having consumed it.

    It is also important to verify that you are in an area where you have one telephone coverage sufficient for your service operator. Finally, it is important to verify that the service is of quality in order to be able to play online multiplayer games without any inconvenience.

    In the case of a Wifi connection, check your router to see if it is working properly. In some cases, the problem may be connecting your device to the router, so disable and enable it.

    You can also try turn the router off and on again, which in many cases works by simply restarting the connection completely. If you have other devices and they don't work either, it's a more complex issue with your service provider, which you should contact.

    If it's not a connection problem, you can try closing and opening Free Fire or uninstall it and install it of new. This can also solve the problem by fixing errors and bugs present in the app files.

    Please note that the game and the device must be compatible for the former to run smoothly.

    Other very important game features of Free Fire

    One of the most relevant interests of Free Fire players is the theme clothing or skins. These are used to make your character stand out from the rest, according to your taste and the theme you prefer.

    You can get all skins or clothes in Free Fire for free without having to use diamonds to get it. When you get a skin in this game, you can have a lot of style and make your character truly unique.

    As we said before, to avoid crashes during gameplay, it is essential ensure the full compatibility with the device. For this, you need to know the minimum requirements for the devices on which the game will be played.

    The elements hardware and software of base required by the game are very important for its functioning on the device. Among these we can highlight the graphics, the Internet connection, the memory capacity and the speed of the processor used.

    Another major point of great interest for gamers is Free Fire happy hour time. This is a special event in the game which allows players to get extra rewards for playing it.

    THE happy hour al Free Fire helps many players to move faster in the game and grow. If you are a fanatic player of this game, it is important that you know how often this event is held in order to play it.

    In See how it's done we have many other articles related to your favorite games and their most important details. You can consult our page to learn more about them and to solve many fairly frequent problems.

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