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    Why is League of Legends not opening for me? - LoL error solution

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    Why is League of Legends not opening for me?

    There are several reasons why LoL it may have problems with your computer, loading errors in the game or software on your computer. Many times the error is in the files you have downloaded or in the compatibility of your computer.

    A common flaw among gamers has been the interference between streaming applications and games, something that can often be a problem . The consumption of RAM of either program can make League consider that it cannot be opened with such a small memory span.

    This happens because League of Legends is not a game that can be available for all computers, as for the game to work, your PC must meet the minimum requirements to play.

    Another common reason is the lack of update, although versions usually work even when they have not been updated, some fail. The error is essentially due to the incompatibility of the features between the versions.

    Although it may seem strange, there is a possibility that your antivirus will not allow League of Legends to open with tranquility. This is a rare problem, but with a fairly simple fix, the truth is that it rarely happens.

    What should I do if League of Legends doesn't open for me?

    Since there are so many problems, it is understandable that there are many solutions, most of them apply to various errors, so we will explain them in a general way. Then, you have the option to apply all the solutions and have League of Legends reopen.

    Task Manager

    The first solution is one of the simplest, you need to know how to access the task manager, if you don't know the combination, it is Ctrl + Alt + Canc ». When you log into the admin, you will have several options for fixing errors at the start of the game.

    One of the quicker solutions is to close the game from the manager, hover over League of Legends and right-click. All you have to do is select "End activity" and voila, log into the game again.

    Another option this Windows wizard involves is to shut down all game services. To do this, go to the tab "Services" and select the ones corresponding to League of Legends, select "Stop" And that's it.

    Reinstall LoL

    Well, although there are a few options that allow you to edit files and only renew some things, this may not work. Therefore, it is better to renew all game files, making sure so that everything is installed correctly.

    To get the process done, it is better to uninstall the game you had, to do this, go to the program folder and look for the uninstaller. Once that's done, go to LoL's official website and download it again, so I can fix your problems when League of Legends doesn't open to me.

    This solution works perfectly even when it is the Firewall or Antivirus not to allow the game to start. By allowing installation, these security software is likely to remove any restrictions against play.

    Solve with LoL

    If you can at least access the launcher, but your session won't start, you can help with this to repair the program. To do this, go to the game settings, being there, you need to look for the option "General" and then "Start full repair".

    This causes all files corresponding to the game to be reviewed, damaged ones are automatically repaired. By following all these instructions, it is certain that you will be able to fix your game and never wonder why League of Legends won't open me again?

    Since every game is normal for an error to occur at some point, some of them are easy to fix, others may require more specific help to fix.

    It is recommended that you update the game from time to time so that it can work properly.

    If after following these steps you still have a problem, do not hesitate to contact LoL technical service by email.

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