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    Why is League of Legends not opening for me? - LoL solution does not start

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    For a recurring user it is counterproductive to deal with this situation, since he is exposed to an inhospitable scenario, where he not only plays the role of irresponsible towards those colleagues who in one way or another depend on him. If not, decreases also daily progress, which you may encounter right at the moment the error occurs.

    Before getting started, please note that the solutions that will be shown below are not used to fix any League of legends errors, they will simply help you start the game as it should. Since, for example, to solve the error of the master of the League of legends (which is one of the most common), there are several methods.

    The League of Legends Won't Open For Me, What Should I Know?

    As is well known, League is a battle character multiplayer or a fighting strategy game developed by Riot Games. It is available for Microsoft Windows plus a modified BETA version available for MacOS.

    There are minimum requirements for opening and running League of Legendes naturally; however, in this tutorial we will name those that are really recommended so as not to allow a greater margin of discrepancy.

    First of all, you need a computer with a processor a 3 Ghz or more, 2 GB of RAM for those versions of Windows above edition number 7. Since otherwise for the same or for Windows Vista, you will strictly need 4GB of RAM and even more.

    In addition to the above, you need to have 12GB of free hard drive space on your computer to avoid boot speed issues. And it must be supported by a GeForce 8800 and DirectX v9.0 graphics card.


    In the case of Mac, its operating system must be MacOS 10.7 or higher. Which has a 3Ghz dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM to properly feed the game. This must be coupled with more than 10GB of free hard drive space.

    The graphics card must be NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M or ATI Radeon HD 4670, the former is the most recommended for long hours of gaming or to fully enjoy the experience that League of Legends can offer and thus avoid frustration with League of Legends».

    Possible startup errors and what to do to fix them

    When LoL does not open, as a main step it checks your internet connection to see if the service is still active at that time. In general, a bandwidth greater than 4 Mb / s is recommended depending on the number of people using the same local network.

    If the problem persists and you keep thinking literally "League of Legends won't open for me." Try another simple step, like restarting your computer for " update »As if it were a web page when you press F5. As perhaps the error is due to the fact that you cannot log in because you may be logged out.

    Another possible solution is to click » CEO »From the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Then select the option » Processes »And hovering the mouse over the name of the game, do "Right click"   I awarded "End operation" to try to start over.


    Likewise, you can choose to start the game from its " executable »Or» client »And for this access "Local disk" and then to the folder named «Riot games» by locating the »LeagueClient» file to click on it ..

    Make sure the game platform is updated to its latest version to avoid internal conflicts or the antivirus firewall. Taking this into account, it is more than certain that the mistake "League of Legends Won't Open" will disappear completely. If, when you try to upgrade it to its final version, you also have problems and are wondering how to update League of Legends if I get an error, you should look for a specific tutorial for that.


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