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    Why won't Minecraft open? How to fix "Minecraft won't open"? - Solution

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    Why won't Minecraft open or start?

    As you have read before, it is normal for you to experience this type of slippage, as it is a game that can be constantly modified, both at the root and in the graphic aspect.

    These changes, being linked to valuable elements of the game files, usually create conflicts that, in one way or another, prevent the program from working properly, therefore we must identify the culprit, and eliminate him permanently.

    Some of these problems, which are why Minecraft won't open, end up corrupting the file structure so much that you'll have to take a little more drastic solutions.

    What are the most common reasons why Minecraft won't start?

    There are many ways to mess up Minecraft, some may have been caused by you, by installing a mod or package of  texture not compatible with the version running.

    That is, if you do not have an official version, it is normal for you to download a build that is a little older than the one currently on the market, and you also want to install some visual packs that add a little more excitement to the gameplay.

    But if, for example, you have Minecraft 1.15 and the mods or packages you downloaded are developed to work in 1.16.1, then, when you install them inside the program folder, you will cause an error, which will cause the game not to to start absolutely.

    Another reason Minecraft won't open is due to a problem with «Java Enviroment», the program in charge of making it work. This is an error that commonly occurs with an outdated version of Java and one that the game is too up-to-date, or simply not installed on your computer.

    Finally, the lack of any programs or video media can prevent your computer from running the game - that is, if you have sufficient video (GPU) capacity but not the corresponding drivers, it can cause a startup failure.

    What can I do to correct this error?

    There are easier ways to fix Minecraft that doesn't open problems, like update video drivers, keep your PC powered by installing DX, OPENGL, Microsoft Redistributables, and of course Java.

    Now, these may not be the solution to the complication, so you will need to take more drastic measures which can mean a definitive solution at the truncated start of the game.

    Uninstall mod

    Mods give you extra content so that you can enjoy other aspects of the game or perform new tasks and activities within it. But, sometimes, these are poorly optimized or simply not compatible with the version of the game you have.

    Generating the dreaded startup error, but luckily, this is something that can be easily handled, either by installing a compatible version of the mod or uninstalling it and continuing to enjoy the Minecraft you currently own.

    Delete Minecraft and download again

    This is the most drastic solution, and should only be achieved when the previous solutions were useless, precisely because the game data is too corrupt, and a permanent cleaning must be applied.

    To do this, open the game installation folder by pressing » Win + R » and typing «% Appdata%», where you can see a called location «.Minecraft». Try making a backup of the cartelle "Bailouts" e «shader packs» first delete the entire contents of the folder, then reinstall and replace the files.

    If you play Minecraft from your PC and need to reinstall it, we recommend that you try to download the latest version.

    In addition to this error, in the Minecraft game you can find other types of problems like when the game does not let you see the skins you have created, does not open or does not allow you to log in or when it does not let you enter multiplayer mode, all of these they are normal and easy to correct errors.

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