Dark Souls II: Boss Guide - Mytha

    She was a beautiful but proud woman; she could not tolerate someone surpassing her in beauty. He owned a mirror and, when he looked into it, he said:

    "Mirror, mirror of my desires, who is the fairest in the realm?"

    And the mirror replied:

    "Queen, you are the most beautiful."

    And she was happy, because she knew that the mirror was telling the truth. But she grew, becoming more and more beautiful and when she was seven she was as beautiful as daylight and more beautiful than the queen herself. Once the queen questioned the mirror:

    “Mirror, mirror of my desires, who is the fairest in the realm?

    The mirror replied:

    "Queen, you are the most beautiful, but she is much more beautiful."

    Upon hearing those words, the queen was shocked and with anger and envy she turned yellow and green. From that moment on, the very sight of him upset her, he hated her so much. Envy and pride grew in her to such an extent that she no longer left peace either day or night.

    (Slightly adapted from snow-white de The Brothers Grimm, translation by Brunamaria Dal Lago Veneri, 2010)

    Mytha, the Destructive Queen is one of the most fascinating bosses in Dark Souls II. A modern Evil Queen who, unlike the original fairy tale, does not try to throttle her rival with tapes or poison her by combing her hair with a toxic comb and not even the famous red apple, but try to overcome it in beauty. On the other hand, Mytha knew the poison well, choosing to use it to infest the rich valley of her kingdom in order to find it as a daily beauty treatment - as mentioned in the previous guide to this connected one, the Demon of Greed.

    Dark Souls II: Boss Guide - Mytha

    The latter had been dubbed by us, in a play on words, the "ugliest in the realm". It cannot be said that Mytha, on the other hand, was ugly: her decapitated head hides a natural beauty, and yet it was not taken into consideration by her king when she wore human clothes, preferring another woman.

    Consumed "with anger and envy", just like Snow White's Evil Queen, Mytha is found as the undisputed (because lonely) lady on the top of the Earth's Peak, the large mill that towers over the Harvest Valley and leads to Forte Ferreo, from the Old Iron King - the same ruler who neglected it.

    Surrounded by soulless puppets, whose art she is perhaps the last survivor, Mytha swallowed so much poison that she turned into a kind of gorgon and self-decapitated herself, probably not to see herself in the mirror after what she considered to be the latest failure.

    The peculiarity of this battle - quite challenging - lies in the arena: it is in fact submerged in poison, the personal health club of the Destructive Queen and at the same time damnation for anyone who tries to get close to continue the climb. Mytha, in fact, is a passing boss - mandatory, of course, but still passing through. It is the last affront: the Queen, angry with the men and jealous of the women, will charge indiscriminately in order to protect what little she has left.

    Dark Souls II: Boss Guide - Mytha

    The venom of the arena makes the life bar tick in the unwanted direction and the confrontation turns into a skilful management of resources - or rather, into a race of speed, since as is now clear Mytha in the poison wallows and heals (literally).

    The main question to be addressed is therefore whether it is possible to get rid of the poison. The answer is yes: to reduce the greenish pool, just light the mill blades with a torch who have the task of extracting the poison for the Queen. How to remove the poison: from the central bonfire of the Earth's Peak (beyond a fog) just take a few steps back, get rid of the enemies, light the torch and burn the blades walking on the short path to the right. But a video is worth a thousand words: you can see the mode just described in action below.

    Poison will now only be present in the edges of the arena and the duel will consequently be much more just. Mytha is resistant to magic and electricity but is very weak to fire. To make your life easier, near the fog of the boss there is a bonfire hidden behind an illusory wall. You can't go wrong: from the central bonfire where you burned the mill, continue climbing normally until you reach the area with the two pyromancers of the desert, go straight up the stairs, turn left and arrive in a raised area full of poisonous urns. The secret bonfire is on the right (you have to press the input), while on the left is a chest.

    Dark Souls II: Boss Guide - Mytha


    • Magic bullet: Mytha's personal welcome to the arena and the future is a magical bullet fired from the severed head. Anticipated by a scream, it's pretty easy to dodge.
    • Head toss: Sometimes Mytha will throw her own head - always with a mangled scream - which will act as a magic bomb. After a while, in fact, it will explode doing damage if you are too close. Stay away from the head before and after, as the boss will rush to recover the head with a frenzied jump.
    • Spear stroke (s): Mytha could unleash one to three spear strikes (two horizontal and one side) that can be pared without problems with a shield or dodging sideways at the right moments, being careful of the tracking of the weapon.
    • Stocked: it is a more loaded spear shot that reaches farther, always dodging with a somersault on the sides.
    • Magic rain: another attack and another scream, this time to anticipate a horizontal rain of magic bullets. Depending on the distance, you can either dodge through bullets (adaptability is your friend) or, if you are further away, as often happens on the sides.
    • Colpo di coda: Mytha will try to drive out the Cursebringer if he buzzes back at him with a swipe of his tail. The appendix can be cut in order to reduce its range of action.
    • Presa: it is a rare attack that the queen makes with her tail, anticipating everything with the classic grapple animation, that is to say open the arms. The boss uses his tail to crush; it goes without saying that it is one of the most dangerous moves because it leaves unarmed and is therefore to be dodged with a somersault not backwards, but to the sides.


    • 20.000 anime
    • Soul of Mytha, the Destructive Queen (crafting, from Straid: Mytha's Arched Blade. Cannot obtain spear)
    • Silver Snake Ring +2 (New Game +)

    Dark Souls II: Boss Guide - Mytha


    Which kingdom Mytha belonged to was never mentioned. We know that she was there betrothed to the prince of the "neighboring kingdom", as Gilligan says, whose first meeting takes place during the ascent of the Earth's Peak, and the consequent love triangle that brought Mytha to ruin. The merchant himself questions the period in which this event took place, winking at both cyclical nature of Drangleic and two closely linked past kingdoms, Alken and Venn. It is likely that the prince of Alken is none other than the Old Iron King, in love with the Princess of Venn (which some rumors lead back to the Lost Sinner).

    A forbidden love, so much so that the two lovers had two bell towers built, respectively of the Sun and the Moon, as a symbol and way of contact. The Bell Tower of the Sun (Alken) is located in Forte Ferreo, while that of the Moon (Venn) at the Lost Bastille. There are several geographical-historical reasons that make it difficult to approach the snake-woman to a particular king or a particular kingdom, but the lone queen is certainly linked to Alken and Venn since as mentioned, Mytha is skilled in the creation of puppets that fight for her and to guard the bell towers, years later, there are only puppets for which the two lands were known and renowned.

    Dark Souls II: Boss Guide - Mytha

    Mytha tore the face off such mannequins; he could not forgive that they dared to look at a face that in the end he continued to find repugnant or in any case too ugly to be loved. The story of the lonely Queen, however, has only one certain ending: oblivion and in a sense peace, with hope to find affection in another cycle. His personal course of events is tragic: how can we not understand his pain? And at the same time, how can we condemn a prince to love a woman he doesn't love?

    The only thing left to Mytha is a giant worm who staunchly defends her and who never bore a glance when he was a man with eyes filled with adoration.

    Dark Souls II: Boss Guide - Mytha

    The truth, in the end, is that everything happens for "the irrefutable madness called love ‚ÄĚ, the real engine of Dark Souls II.

    Queen, the most beautiful is you.

    ‚Ėļ Dark Souls II is an RPG-Adventure game developed by FromSoftware and published by FromSoftware Bandai Namco for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the video game was released on 11/03/2014 The version for PC came out on 25/04/2014

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