Diablo Immortal Vitaath, The Shivering Death Helliquary Raid Guide

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This detailed guide will cover Vitaath, the Shivering Death Helliquary Raid boss fight in Diablo Immortal. We'll cover each stage, talk about its move set, and suggest a solid strategy to take it down quickly and efficiently.

Table of contents 1) How to defeat Vitaath, the trembling death helicopter raid 1.1) Boss fight phase n. 1 1.2) Boss Fight Phase # 2 1.3) Boss Fight Phase # 3 1.4) Boss Fight Phase # 4

How to defeat Vitaath, the trembling death helicopter raid

To participate in a raid against Vitaath, Diablo Immortal's trembling death, you must go to the Frozen Tundra near the Bitter Harth Waypoint. This location can be found just east of the Entrance to the Grotta degli Echi. Right here you will find the gate to start the raid.

You should have a combat rating of 2280 for defeating Vitaath, the shaking death. If you have a lower rating, it is best to avoid fighting this raid boss in Diablo Immortal.

After reaching the raid location first, you must face off against its Ice Clan Impalers, Warriors and Shamans who are attacking you. You should stick with your squad as you take them out, so you don't lose anyone here.

After defeating them, the combat with the Vitaath, Shivering Death will resume as a four-phase fight. Below you can see all the steps and strategies you need to follow.

Boss fight phase n. 1

In this first phase of the fight, Vitaath will continue to move in a small area and randomly attack the players on your team. He will also use some special abilities like Icicle Zone from above along with the attack.

In this, four ice zones will be created in the arena and the falling icicles will damage anyone in these circles. You can counter this attack by staying out of frozen areas.

The second ability Vitaath, Shivering Death, will use is the Frontal Line attack. In this attack, he will summon icicles in front of him to deal damage to your team. Just avoid staying in the wired zone to protect yourself from this attack.

In the first phase, the third skill he will use is the Frontal Cone attack. In this attack, Vitaath, the trembling death, draws her frozen sword to perform a swinging attack in front of her. You can easily dodge this attack as an effective area can be seen easily.

The last ability Vitaath, Shivering Death, will use in the first phase is Ice Debuff. In this, a casual player will be affected by the harmful ice debuff.

You must stay away from the player affected by this debuff, and if you are affected by it, stay away from your raid members.

You should enter this combat with ranged members so that they can attack Vitaath, the shaking death, from a long distance. If you attack her from a distance, you can easily dodge most of her attacks and deal damage.

Keep attacking her from afar and the fight will enter the second phase.

Boss Fight Fase #2

In the second phase of the fight, Vitaath, the shaking death will rise into the air. You must first remove the summons from him. She will summon minions like Frozen Shade, Icy Clones, and Chiling Construct.

Eliminate all three clones, then it will return to the ground and start attacking you with the attacks of the first phase. To be successful at this stage, eliminate the clones as soon as possible. Then, he can return to the ground quickly and clear the arena from other summons as well.

In this phase, ranged players can also be used to deal ranged damage, and the melee player can use that time to deliver some serious hits. If you continue to do so, the fight will enter the third phase.

Boss Fight Fase #3

In the third stage of Vitaath, the Shivering Death raid, the combat gets interesting and she will use attacks like Point-Blank AoE Pulse.

This will throw ice in all directions that can deal AoE damage to all raid members, so do your best to avoid them. It will also destroy the icicles left over from Phase 2 for summoning Frozen Shadows.

Be calculated and accurate if you want to survive this phase. Attack his summoning and try to land as many hits as possible so that his health drops and you can proceed to the fourth phase of the fight.

Boss Fight Fase #4

Phase four is identical to phase 2. But Vitaath, it won't fly through the air, so you can't damage it that way. In this phase Vitaath will use all the abilities she used in the previous phases and will summon minions.

The strategy you have to follow in this phase is practically the same as in phase 2. First, you have to eliminate the minions and then focus your attacks on the Vitaath, the trembling death.

Once all the minions have been taken care of the boss will drop after a few good hits. Your rewards for defeating Vitaath, the shaking death, depending on the difficulty level.

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