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FIFA 22 has officially arrived and in the homes of all football fans, virtual and otherwise. The new chapter of the Electronic Arts brand has brought several innovations to the screens, some appreciated some less, testifying to how much the development team is trying to listen to the opinion of users.

As per the tradition of the series, however, the main dish of the course, this year too, remains the most played and loved (in some cases hated!) Mode: FIFA Ultimate Team. Between news and confirmations, the FUT it certainly remains the epicenter of EA production, with millions of players already heavily committed to the servers to create the team of their dreams before trying out the new competitive modes, which are increasingly demanding and expensive.

Clearly, however, we have to start somewhere. Not everyone, in fact, has the chance or the luck to rocket, which makes the initial phase of the game both the most beautiful and the most complex. Choosing how to invest the very precious initial credits is not at all easy: you can invest in the sale, you can devote to the resolution of the initial SBCs but obviously the essence remains the creation of a team strong enough to allow you to start in the best way to win the first games and get to the first prizes, related to the initial challenges of the game.

However, creating a balanced and relatively cheap team is not easy, but don't worry: we are here for you! We decided to try to recommend the best players to start your adventure, starting with those of our beloved Serie A. Get comfortable: the show has just begun!

  • Mike Maignan, Lv 84, Milan

For the goal, also thanks to the very low prices of the current market, the choice of the extreme defender is very personal. However, our advice for a Serie A is to focus on Mike Maignan, who you can take home with very few credits and who above all offers you excellent links, both for the championship and for the French nationality. In game the Milan goalkeeper is very reliable between the posts, also being very aggressive in the exits and above all very "clean" with the feet, thus proving very useful both for setting with the feet and with long throws.

  • Vina, Lv 76, Roma

For the role of left-back, excluding the two most expensive tops (Hernandez and Spinazzola), the choice is very personal. Many players prefer to bet on the evergreen Alex Sandro, but we have decided to go to Roma, relying on the very interesting Vina. The Uruguayan full-back is very quick and agile and has very good feet and above all has a good defensive attitude, net of the statistics that may seem lower than they actually make in game. And then it costs 700 credits ...

  • Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Lv 80, Naples

On the opposite side we find instead the Napoli full-back protagonist of the last European Championships Giovanni Di Lorenzo, certainly less offensive than his colleague but much more reliable in the defensive phase. The low winger of Napoli is in fact a security in the closing phase, even automatic, and can guarantee you excellent coverage, especially in the initial phases of the game, thus giving you the possibility to accumulate without damage the credits necessary to switch to the most performing. Cuadrado.

  • Ibanez, Lv 77, Roma

The first name for the role of central defender is undoubtedly that of Ibanez of Rome, a Brazilian defender with an excellent body, combined with a good defensive phase and above all a speed certainly out of the ordinary for a central defender. For only 700-800 credits, the young Giallorossi central is undoubtedly the best "cheap" solution for the initial stages of the game, managing to offer you everything you need at a very low cost.

  • Fikayo Tomori, Lv 78, Milan

To complete the defensive phase there is him, the real jewel of Serie A: Fikayo Tomori. The young English defender of Milan is truly a wall in front of the defense, perfectly combining speed, physical strength and agility. Of course, maybe it won't cost you as little as the others (we are talking about 4k) but we can guarantee you that, once put in place, you will hardly feel the need to upgrade, at least until the passage to the various Koulibaly and Skriniar (and not necessarily) .

  • Robin Gosens, Lv 83, Atalanta

On the left flank of midfield for our Serie A the doubts are very few: the right man for you is Robin Gosens of Atalanta (or Bergamo Calcio), one of the most complete players in our entire league. With just over 1000 credits you bring home a relatively fast and technical winger but above all also equipped with a good physique and an excellent defense, thus making it a real wild card to be able to field in practically any role on the pitch, including defensive ones. .

  • Hirving Lozano, Lv 81, Napoli

Even on the right side of the pitch we have very few doubts. We have in fact decided to recommend the good Lozano, one of the certainties of FIFA and that in this FIFA 22 is no exception. Lozano is very quick and sneaky and with the current gameplay it is perfect for going straight to straight, one of the most common practices in the FIFA meta. In short: with less than 1000 credits you take home a security. Trust me!

  • Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Lazio, BGN 85

This year, more than ever, the less acrobatic and "slower" players are finally more usable and the giant with the sweetest feet of Lazio is certainly one of them. With less than 4k you can bet on a very valid and complete element that lacks only a hair, in fact, in agility and speed but which can guarantee you a simply impeccable construction and interdiction phase, at least in the lower divisions.

  • Piotr Zielinski, lv 81, Napoli

Next to the good Sergej the best choice is that of Zielinski of Napoli, also very complete but certainly quicker and more offensive than the Lazio player. This clearly makes them a very good pair as they are complete, and they guarantee solidity, defense and long shots (very good this year) to your midfield.

  • Luis Muriel, lv 82, Atalanta

Also this year and without any doubt (for how many some players are more usable this year) the strongest striker of our league, at least for the initial stages, is Luis Muriel. Four skill stars and four weak foot stars, incredible agility and an almost infallible shot are the most obvious strengths of the Colombian attacker, destined again this year to make "holes" in the defenses of others.

  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Lv 83, Roma

The perfect teammate for Muriel in this FIFA 22 is the Armenian attacking midfielder of Rome, this year much fitter than in the past and above all with a very low starting price (at the moment we are talking about approx 850 credits). For a player like that, with a five-star weak foot, a great shot and a great pass, that price is really very low and we advise you to give it a try regardless, even if you may have some doubts about the purchase. Trust us!

For the Serie A team, that's really everything. Waiting to know your impressions we would like to clarify that this team is based on our direct experience and wants to be a simple advice and not a "mandatory" and absolute list. See you next time, therefore, in which we will talk we will recommend another team "Starter" for your ultimate team. Have fun with FIFA 22!

► FIFA 22 is a Simulation-Sport game developed and published by Electronic Arts for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia, the game was released on 30/09/2021 The version for PlayStation 4 came out on 02/10/2021 The version for Xbox One came out on 02/10/2021
Version for PlayStation 5 from 02/10/2021
Version for Xbox Series X from 02/10/2021
Version for Google Stadia from 02/10/2021
FIFA 22 is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 80%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the FIFA 22 Review by Salvatore Cardone.

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