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This guide has the task of guiding you step by step until the completion of the game. The locations where you can find details today such as Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers have been left out. For more information on this, consult the specific solutions on the website. Also pay attention to possible spoilers that you may find by reading this guide.

The city of Rhodes
Enjoy the opening cinematic, at the end of which you will be immediately immersed in the fight. You will find yourself in a room full of soldiers ... what to say, kill them all! Completed the extermination you can open the grate on the left. Continue making your way through the enemies and, when you reach the end of the corridor, pay attention to the giant's hand which, by knocking down a wall, will allow you to continue. You will then have access to a room where you can open the green chest containing the energy balls. Now go up the stairs to access a balcony.

Boss: the colossus of Rhodes - Part I
Get off the balcony quickly to avoid being hit by the giant and make your way through the enemies. You will notice a catapult on the left. Reach it. Now you can either decide to hit the giant immediately with the stone placed in the catapult, or weaken it and then hit it. By choosing the first option, the colossus will grab the stone and crush it. By choosing the latter you will receive blue (magic) and green orbs. I remember, however, that in this case the giant goes stunned first, let's see how to do it. Go down to the lower clearing and when the colossus tries to hit you, go back to find shelter. At this point, go down again and hit the hand of the living statue (preferably with Triangle to do more damage). Repeat this until the enemy is visibly stunned. Now throw the boulder at him and it will hit him in the face to receive your reward. However, this is not the goal. After getting rid of the rock, you will have to jump into it yourself. Repeat the same actions to daze him and get on the catapult. Launch to start the sequence (during which you must always press Square).

The bathrooms
Completed the interlude you will be thrown into the bathrooms of the palace. Get out of the water. Exploring the area you will notice two booths, behind one of which you will find two maidens ready to make Kratos a man. By completing the sequence you will receive a bunch of red orbs. At this point, return to the water and swim through the tunnel to reach the next area. Climb to the surface and climb the stairs to reach your first rescue. Now press the lever to the right of the save to drop a small glowing sphere that you will use to continue (jump in its direction and press R1). Continue, climb and open the grate. In the new area, disintegrate the handful of soldiers who will resist you and move on. Go up the stairs at the bottom of the scenery and be careful. Once at the top, the giant's foot will break through and try to crush you. Press Circle repeatedly to hurl the colossus a few hundred meters away from you. Now climb the wall to your left and, once at the top, be ready to face the guardian of Rhodes again.

Boss: the Colossus of Rhodes - Part II
Here's a second face to face. Start by attacking the hand that the boss will always keep resting on the dock (choose whether to do it with the Wrath of Poseidon or with simple attacks). In this way he will go on a rampage trying to hit you with a shot that you will have to be able to dodge or jumping promptly on the second platform to the right, or with a double jump. Repeat this three times. At this point the colossus, exhausted, will lean on the quay. Approach and start a sequence. Repeat this one more time to be able to KO the second arm. An animated scene will then follow during which you will also risk being crushed.

The Palace of Rhodes
Eventually you will be catapulted into the palace. In this new area, open the chest to receive blue orbs, then continue to the grate at the bottom of the scenario. Advance and dodge the shots of the enemy archers by turning in the first corridor on the right. There will be a nice rescue waiting for you. Take another corridor on the right and go forward making your way through the enemies. In the room where you will have access, drag the statue with the hawk on your left, on a button at the top always on the left: in this way you will open the grate that obstructs the passage. Now with a kick (R1 + X) throw the sculpture over the grating. Then position yourself on the button and rolling forward you will reach the next area. Place the statue on the button beyond the grating you opened earlier, this will raise a second one in front of you. Go ahead, open the green chest and turn left. Take on the handful of enemies and move on. At the end of the corridor, if you turn left, you will find a chest containing red spheres, if instead you go to the right you will get on a sort of elevator that you will have to operate by pulling the lever. The giant is always on alert, this time he is spying on you. Go to meet his eye and hit him. The enraged Boss will break the wall in front of you and clear the way for you. A cutscene will now begin during which Zeus tells Kratos to collect the Sword of Olympus. Now climb up the wall on the right. Go ahead by taking down the numerous enemies that will come in front of you on the road. At the bottom break through the door, collect the energy and destroy the window. Before getting on the rafters, I recommend that you drop down, eliminate all enemies (especially archers) and then try to climb the boards with absolute calm. Then go to the save and save. Go up the stairs, take a few steps and then drop into the chasm. Kill the group of enemies, gather energy and magical power, open the grate and continue towards yet another tete a tete with the giant.

Boss: the colossus of Rhodes - Part III
The sword of Olympus is stuck in the middle of the large clearing. Your task will be to extract it, but it will not be that simple. You will first have to stun the enemy and then try to get hold of the weapon. Every time you try to take the big blade you will be deprived first of the red orbs, then of the magical powers and then of the health, so I recommend weakening it the first time with simple attacks, the second with magic and the third (when you are more vulnerable ) throwing him the hand that he himself left at your disposal. To weaken him the first time, wait for him to slam his fists near the sword. When he is about to strike, jump and attack him. Continue until you have stunned him. Then approach the Sword and try to extract it. Repeat the same procedure the second time, unlike the first, however, use the wrath of Poseidon. Finally, for the third time, approach the solitary hand, grab it and throw it on the colossus. Now you can finally get hold of Zeus's weapon that you will use to directly hit the giant who, tired, has leaned on the platform. Attack him continuously, just paying attention to the fire that every now and then he will send out from his left arm. After a handful of shots, activate the sequence that will lead inside the giant itself.

Boss: the Colossus of Rhodes - Part IV
The road is very linear. Go ahead and jump when necessary. Get to the first gear that holds the colossus (a series of tubes covered by a blue force) and destroy it by sticking the Sword into it (R1). Then continue climbing by climbing a wall first, and then sliding along a rope. Reach the second gear by making your way through 4 enemies, destroy the chain that surrounds it with two blows of the sword and then disintegrate it as you did with the first. Gather the energy and continue climbing by balancing on two beams, climbing another wall and taking out a couple of soldiers. In this way you will arrive at the third gear. Turn around it avoiding the blue tubes full of energy and, once reached, as for the second with a few blows of the sword, break the chain that surrounds it and then shatter it. Climb the rope to your left to reach the inside of his monster face. Go around in circles jumping from platform to platform to reach some stairs. Climb them and operate a lever that will make a sort of pendulum go down. Drop down again and hit the wooden plank until it starts swinging. Go up the stairs for the umpteenth time and reactivate the lever to make the pendulum rise again, which swinging will occasionally interrupt the flow of energy to the eyes allowing you to reach the opposite side by sliding along a rope. Thus you reach the last gear. Break this too to permanently destroy the colossus and quickly escape from the giant's mouth by retracing the way back so as not to leave the skin. Now, after the video, try to reach the Sword of Olympus (a bit exasperating). You will be interrupted by the arrival of Zeus against whom you will have to fight. However, the match is controlled and your defeat is decided from the beginning, so save yourself the trouble of putting your hand on the pad. At this point, enjoy the next wonderful movie.

Hades: the World of the dead

You are in Hades again and again you will have to get out of it. This place will be full of claws that will try to tear and attack you. These will leave you with a lot of red, blue and green spheres, so it is recommended to stay in the afterlife for some time in order to charge up a bit. Climb up to begin with, then jump right to reach another portion of the wall. From now on, all you have to do is keep going up, until you reach the exit that will take you back to the place that signed your death.

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