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    How many spells can a bow, sword or armor have in Minecraft

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    How many spells does a weapon have in Minecraft

    Spells offer many tricks up their sleeves and they will protect the players as they progress through the game. there is also a way to create a spell on weapons and armor for defense.


    A long-range weapon used in combat created with three strands and three sticks. It can last up to 385 shots, as long as it doesn't have an indestructible spell.

    • Power: a type IV spell that increases the damage dealt to a target or opponent. Increase by 25% at each level.
    • Repair: when using the bow as a main weapon (enters the hands) the experience orbs repair the bow, instead of the player's experience. It is a type I spell and if the bow is not used, the player will receive XP.
    • Infinite: the player who uses it will be able to shoot with a bow and not spend arrows. You must have at least one arrow available for it to work and once they are fired, you can no longer pick them up.
    • Curse of Disappearance: it is type I and allows the player not to drop objects after their death.
    • Fire: Flame Incendiary Arrow - A type one spell used to shoot arrows with fire. The advantage it has is that it only hits enemies and creatures.
    • Recoil - Increases the level of recoil when an arrow hits the target. It's a type II spell.
    • Indestructible - A powerful type III spell that increases the durability level of the bow.


    They are weapons a short range used in combat. It is used to attack creatures and opponents in the game.

    • Repair: a type I spell that allows you to increase the duration of the sword with XP. Using it as a primary weapon increases its duration, instead of the player's XP.
    • Curse of Disappearance: can destroy an enchanted item when the player dies, instead of dropping it as usually happens.
    • Fiery Aspect - Spell of type II used to target another player or creature. The attack will be more powerful the higher the player's level.
    • Thrust: when attacking a player, his recoil level increases. You can increase the recoil up to three blocks and it will increase based on the player's level.
    • Shattering Edge: he damage dealt to another player with the sword is greatly increased. The effect of this spell can increase based on the player's level.
    • Red loot: increases the chances of finding rare items and rewards, as creatures drop more items. It's a type III spell.
    • Slam Punishment: used to attack hostile undead creatures. the damage dealt is greater in proportion to the player's level.
    • Arthropod Scourge - Spell of type V used to attack spiders and silverfish. Creatures take considerable damage.
    • Nitidezza – Sharp Edge: one of the most powerful spells for level V swords that increases the damage dealt to opponents.

    How many spells does armor have in Minecraft

    On an object that is used for protect the player from attacks by other players or creatures. The armor consists of boots, helmet, breastplate and greaves.

    The more elements of protection a player has, the less they are affected by shots. The advantage is that the armor can be enchanted for increase its duration.

    The likelihood of enchanting an item will depend on the material type of which the armor is made of. The spell serves to protect the player from specific damage.

    • Feather Falling – protect the player from falls.
    • Blast Protection: spell that protects the player from explosions.
    • Bullet: take care of the player from damage caused by fireballs, dates and ghasts.
    • Fire Protection – Provides protection against fireballs, lava and flames.
    • Protection: it means absolute protection from any attack on the player.
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