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    How to get money faster on Hay Day and where to spend it first

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    What should you do when you start playing Hay Day?

    You will start the game with an amount of seeds, food and animals. So the most comfortable thing is avoid unnecessary expenses and take certain precautions:

    • You should always cultivate your gardens, only then will you have fresh harvests of different fruits and vegetables that you can sell later.
    • After preparing your first crops, the following for contact your neighbors to sell i your products.
    • Always take care of your pets and don't forget to feed them. The most important are chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and goats; of all of them you will be able to create products for sale.
    • Search for go fishing every now and then ; sometimes you get very interesting things apart from the fish.
    • Avoid spending on clothes from stores; can create your dress.
    • Search for go out and look for hidden treasures everyday.

    With this you will have a good start in Hay Day; you will earn blue stars and spend few coins by gold, as you will have your needs covered. What you save in coins, you will invest in buildings and production materials to continue improving your farm.

    What are the blue stars of Hay Day for?

    In Hay Day there are a number of levels. Each level is won with a specific amount of blue stars; Items, achievements, rewards, and textures are unlocked as you progress, followed by upgrades to your farm. At that point, you will need to obtain materials and expansion permits to upgrade your farm in Hay Day.

    To unlock level 1 you need 27 stars, at level 2 you need to collect 7, level 3 requires 14 stars and so on, up to level 300 which requires more than 2 million stars. At each level, the number of stars required is displayed as an experience bar.

    Blue stars and gold coins are equally important; you have to find a balance between two. The stars will give you access to new upgrades, but they won't work if you don't have any coins to purchase; just as you won't be able to advance much in the game without the stars, even if you have a lot of gold.

    How to get money faster on Hay Day and where to spend it first?

    With gold, you can buy everything in it you need for your farm, including deeds, poles, axes and other items. Of course, all based on the level you have. Therefore, it is important to know how to get them and what to spend them on.

    • Purchase e sale of construction tools. From level 7 you can use the newspaper, where you will find useful things, saws or dynamite. Buy them in batches and then sell them individually.
    • Buy crops that are in short supply at the wagon shop, in the newspaper, and then reselling them.
    • Use the Hay Day shop ; You can sell anything while you have free space, in a minimum period of every 20 minutes.
    • Get diamonds receiving a purple ticket (next to the daily drawer). You should watch the video and at the end you will receive 2. Although there are many useful tips and tricks to get free diamonds on Hay Day.
    • Event boards are very necessary ; You will find them in treasure chests when you collect them or buy them with diamonds.
    • Always try to prepare everyday objects such as cream, cheese or butter.
    • Try doing and sell cakes, sugar and syrup separately. Set them the best possible price (10 or 20% less than the maximum price).
    • Avoid selling easy-to-do things that people already have, like bacon or eggs.

    With these tips, the success of your farm will be guaranteed. But competing alone is boring; so we recommend you share this post with your friends. Since, from now on, they will be able get money faster in Hay Day and they will know what to spend it first.

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