How to get scrap material in Diablo Immortal

Scrap material is one of the main components and the lifeblood of Diablo Immortal's crafting and upgrading system. Regardless of the rarity of your item, you will need a lot of scrap material to upgrade it. In this guide, we'll look at the uses of scrap material and explain how to get scrap material in Diablo Immortal.

How to get scrap material in Diablo Immortal

Waste material, as the name suggests, is basically the waste of useless objects. So how do you get these scraps? It's not like there's a recycling machine in the game. Well, actually there is and it is the blacksmith.

The main source of finding scrap material in Diablo Immortal appears to be the salvage service offered by the blacksmiths in the game. Just go to any locksmith, click on the Recovery tab, then select the equipment you want to recover. Destroying those items will earn you scrap material.

The amount of scrap material you get will depend on the rarity of the item you just recovered. Common or gray items will give you 1 discard while magic / blue items will give you 3 discards.

While salvage is the main source for getting scrap in Diablo Immortal, there are other sources as well. Thanks to the Battle Pass, you can also get crafting material rewards, and those drops can contain scrap material. Redeeming the free daily chest from the Shop will also give players Scrap Materials and Gold.

How to use waste material in Diablo Immortal

As explained above, waste material is the lifeblood of the equipment upgrade system. Classifying your equipment to improve its attributes requires, among other things, a huge amount of waste material. The cost of each upgrade also continues to increase dramatically, so it's always a good idea to stock up on scrap instead of selling or throwing away your useless gear.

Both your primary and secondary equipment will require scrap. The cost of upgrading a primary item from rank 1 to rank 2 is 150 and goes up to 8000 scrap material to upgrade from rank 19 to rank 20. For secondary items, the cost starts at 50 for rank 1 and goes up to up to 250 for grade 10.

If you have an abundance of scrap material, you can also trade it in for Enchanted Dust, another highly coveted upgrade material. The conversion ratio is 1: 1, so go to the Forging Materials Merchant and exchange 10 Scrap Material for 10 Enchanted Dust.

This process can be quite expensive due to the sheer number of debris you need at the higher tiers, so it's only advisable to trade if you need Enchanted Dust urgently and in a small amount.

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