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    How to switch and listen to PS3 game sound through headphones?

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    This is not an exaggeration, as there are also those who try to connect the PS3 controller to the PC to play, or try to connect and use a ps3 controller as an N64 controller, all this for a better gaming experience.

    Skip and listen to PS3 game audio through headphones

    To begin the explanation of how can you pass and hear the sound of the PS3 game through headphones, the first thing to say is that you need special headphones to achieve the task.

    Special does not mean exclusive, but you need headphones with Bluetooth functionality or with USB ports, so that the audio passes to the headphones.

    If you want to connect the ones that have a USB port, the first thing you need to do is match the headphones to the console, since the ps3 does not have an automatic connection system for this type of headphones.

    First, to achieve this, connect the headphones to any USB input on the console, then go to the menu " Settings ", scroll down until you find the section called "Accessory settings".


    Press X to select it and then repeat the same in the option "Audio Device Settings". Here select "Input device", within this selection, mark your device to be configured.

    So go back and now choose "Exit device", perform the same procedure as the previous one and that's it. Now you will have configured the microphone, to change the volume you just have to adjust it in the called section "Microphone level" which is right there.

    By that you can already say that you have learned to switch and listen to PS3 game sound through headphones, but there is still another way to do it.

    Set up a Bluetooth headset

    As you read before, the PS3 has support for wireless headphones and these are the best you can get in order to play as comfortably as possible.

    Number one because most are official Sony and offer high quality sound (like that of a cinema) and number two because you won't have to be near the ps3 to play.

    To configuration these headphones there are two ways: the first is by simply placing the USB cable that these headphones carry into the PS3 this will cause them to flash until they turn green indicating that they have been synced.

    You can also do it manually. To do this you need to press and hold the button » Power »Until the headphones start flashing alternately between red and green.


    When this happens, go up " Settings «, Then select «Accessory settings " and finally "Bluetooth device manager". Within this click on the option » Yes And then on "Start scan", this will cause your console to perform an analysis and find the hearing aids.

    Then choose your headset from the list and dial 0000 when prompted for a passkey. Back to the menu "Accessory settings" and go to "Audio Device Settings" section.

    Choose your headphones in the sections of input and output devices and that way they will be configured. Now you know everything you need to hear and hear PS3 game audio through headphones. Go ahead and try headphones to start the action.

    If you get an unexpected error (which you shouldn't), find out how to fix PS3, PS4, PSN, PS VITA, PSP error codes and you will most likely find a solution.

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