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    How to turn cooked meat into premium dried meat in ARK: Survival Evolved? Prepare the ARK jerky

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    How to get cooked meat in ARK: Survival Evolved?

    Cooked meat can be obtained by cooking raw meat on a campfire, or if you prefer and have enough resources you can also use an industrial grill. This type of food is necessary if you want to prepare Prime Beef in ARK: Survival Evolved.

    To find Raw Meat you shouldn't be an expert knowing the best map in ARK, since you can find it in corpses of different creatures, pulling it out with a pickaxe or an ax.

    Similarly, you can find this food in green, blue and white headlights. You can use it raw to tame carnivorous creatures. You shouldn't eat raw meat, because if a player does that, he may get a 10-point increase in food, but the player's health will drop by up to 5 points.

    You have to keep in mind that raw premium meat decomposes very quickly, so you need to have a bonfire to turn it into premium cooked meat. Also, to get more benefits later, you can convert it through a Canned Drawer into First Class Dried Meat.

    How to turn cooked meat into premium dried meat in ARK: Survival Evolved?

    In ARK: Survival Evolved, premium jerky is a food that takes a long time to rot. So knowing how to turn cooked meat into top quality jerky is just as useful as knowing how to change the time of day or night in ARK. Well, this food will allow you to replenish reserves for a long time without worrying about rotting.

    Then, you can make the premium dried meat by putting the premium cooked meat, the oil and phosphorus in a tinned drawer. Make sure you have all of these supplies on hand before you start preparing the jerky. Remember that you get phosphorus by grinding the Silex mortar with stone.

    Finally, you shouldn't wait too long to get premium jerky from cooked meat, as there it only takes 36 minutes to prepare this food in ARK. While it takes longer to prepare premium dried meat than raw meat, cooked meat brings more benefits to the player. In addition to having an expiration time, it is much slower.

    What can I use premium quality jerky for in ARK: Survival Evolved?

    The first quality dried meat is one of the most effective foods in ARK: Survival evolved. By consuming dried meat, the player can restore approximately 35 food points. While this is the same as restoring premium cooked meat, premium raw meat has the benefit of lasting longer.

    That way, you can keep premium jerky for much longer in ARK without rotting. Prime Jerky lasts for 2 days in a player's inventory. Even in a creature's inventory it can last up to 8 days. Lasts 20 days in a boxed drawer and can last up to 200 days if stored in the refrigerator.

    Also, you can use it to tame and feed carnivorous dinosaurs. However, when it comes to restoring food stains in dinosaurs, it provides the same effect as top notch cooked meat. While you can't use it to feed taps, this isn't one of the foods that taps eat in ARK: Survival Evolved, as they prefer raw meat. Yes, you can use it for prepare feed for animals.

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