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    How to win in Call of Duty: Mobile's Gulag mode

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    The Gulag mode in Call of Duty: Mobile has a very different gameplay dynamic from what we are used to, because here it is no longer a mode where you have to frantically attack enemies to have many victims, but you have to be smarter to be able to take out opponents before they take care of you.

    It is one of the best modes in the game, as it puts the test all your skills to develop on the battlefield. There is only one life per round, you don't choose the weapons you will use and you have to eliminate all your enemies, which are usually one or two depending on the mode. Here you are some tips which will be very useful to be able to achieve victory in the Call of Duty: Mobile Gulag.

    Consider the characteristics of the weapons they grant you

    Gulag – Call of Duty: Mobile

    As we have already said, you cannot choose weapons, but you are randomly assigned equipment that you will use in each of the rounds. This means that you need to know about multiplayer weapons so that you can get an idea of ​​how to apply the attack tactic you will perform to defeat the opponents. However, this is not a difficult task, as it is very easy to see if a weapon is an assault weapon, submachine gun, shotgun or sniper.

    Using grenades

    Gulag Mode - Call of Duty: Mobile

    Many players do not consider how useful grenades can be in Gulag mode. Considering that the map on which this mode takes place is small, the Frag grenades are great to eliminate enemies. On the other hand, auxiliary grenades, such as blinding or smoke grenades, are mainly used to distract the enemy.

    It's you capita to have a cigarette in your hands, throw it in a place where you are not. In this way the enemy will immediately go there thinking that you are hiding, but it will not be so, you will find yourself flanking to the side where he does not see you to eliminate him.

    Cover yourself with obstacles

    Gulag Mode - Call of Duty: Mobile

    The map is characterized by having several obstacles, there is an area where you start, the intermediate area and the area where the enemy is spawned. For this reason, we recommend that you know each of the map details in so you can know how and where to take cover if the enemy comes to find you or attacks you.

    Surprise the enemy

    Gulag Mode - Call of Duty: Mobile

    Do not go directly to the enemy area, because the enemy will do the same, he will also look for you to exterminate you. So avoid the risk and instead of going towards him, wait for him to come towards you and attacks by surprise from some obstacle where he can't see you. This is one of the most effective strategies available for the mode, although likewise you must always be careful to prevent the enemy from seeing you.

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