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In this guide dedicated to Lost in Random, the latest title distributed by EA Originals and developed by Zoink, let's discover the full-bodied list of 40 objectives which will allow us, once completed, to get 1000G on Microsoft consoles or Platinum on Sony.

Lost in Random - Achievements List

  • At the mercy of chance - You have completed the game. 100G
  • For better or for worse - You saved your sister. 15G
  • ding dong - You defeated the Nanny. 15G
  • Sweet dreams - You received your dream card. 15G
  • Bernie combinaguai - You helped Bernie find his way with the talkie walkie. 15G
  • Juggle - Solve the Pentatropolis riddle. 30G
  • Champion of puzzles - You have solved all the puzzles. 95G
  • On with life! - You received a pep talk from Death. 15G
  • Either the purse or the life - You defeated the Saccoccia Brothers. 15G
  • On the right track - You met the Witch of the Vale. 15G
  • Gazoo, Gazaak! - You have won a game of Gazoo, Gazaak! 15G
  • On guard! - You have not taken any damage in battle for at least 5 minutes. 30G
  • For the nut's sake - You reunited with Dicey. 15G
  • Lover of catapults - You have solved the Quattrobische riddle. 30G
  • Fortune (does not) help the bold - You fought and escaped the Nanny. 15G
  • One way to Sest'Incanto - You got on the arachnocar in secret. 15G
  • The forgetful guard - You have found all the clues to help Neeshka recover her memory. 15G
  • Spooky stories - You helped the lost girl in Triscordia. 15G
  • Aim infallible - You have solved the Triscordia riddle. 30G
  • Public danger - You hit 50 vases. 30G

  • Two sides of the same coin - You merged the two personalities of the mayor. 15G
  • From the bomb to the grave - You have defeated 3 of the Queen's henchmen with a single bomb. 15G
  • The rhyme is served - You defeated Ocadnis in the battle of rhymes. 15G
  • Upside down - You have solved the riddle of Caporovescio. 30G
  • Check mate - You won your first board game. 30G
  • Build bridges - You have solved the riddle of the Borgodoppio tower. 30G
  • Door-to-nut - You opened your first dice door. 15G
  • The way home - You returned to Alea. 15G
  • It's your destiny, Even - You found your own die. 15G
  • Runaway - You hid on the ship that sailed from Primagora. 15G
  • Happy birthday - You have completed the introduction. 15G
  • Sharp ingenuity - You completed a battle without using any Weapon cards. 30G
  • Card collector - You bought all of Max Mazzieri's cards. 30G
  • A sharp pair - Defeated 3 of the Queen's henchmen using the same Sharp Edge. 30G
  • Knock Knock - You came home and knocked instead of following the luminous figure. 40G
  • There's no two without three - You tried to open the door leading to Triscordia ahead of time. 30G
  • All for all - You played 8 cards in the same turn. 15G
  • Once upon a time - Collected all the lost pages of the storybook. 30G
  • End of the nightmare - You have found and defeated the shadow man once and for all. 15G
  • Everyone to the port - You have solved the Primagoras riddle. 30G

So here we are at the end of this guide dedicated to Lost in Random and the completion of its objective list with the 1000GPlatino that will be obtainable without too much effort and, paying attention, already from the first run. For more details on this appreciable and original action adventure, we refer you, instead, to our review.

► Lost in Random is an RPG-Adventure-indie game for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 10/09/2021
Lost in Random is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 80%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Lost in Random Review by Luigi Floris.

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