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Here are all the trophies of the first chapter of the saga!

The output of the Legendary Edition di Mass Effect, signed action RPG video game series BioWare e Electronic Arts, has brought all fans back on the path of memories, awakening them through a renewed version of the title available on PC and current consoles. To allow newbies and fans of the series to start their own space adventure is the first chapter of the trilogy: you want to complete it 100% and get all the trophies, but you don't know how to do it? We help you!


  • Neural Shock Specialist - uses Neural Shock 25 times in the first Mass Effect;
  • First Aid Specialist - uses medi-gel 50 times;
  • Sabotage Specialist - uses the sabotage ability 25 times;
  • Electronics Specialist - uses Shield Overload ability 25 times;
  • Damping specialist - uses Damping skill 25 times;
  • AI Hacking Specialist - Use the AI ​​Hack ability 25 times;
  • Stasi Artist - uses the biotic ability Stasis 25 times;
  • Singularity Artist - Uses the biotic ability Singularity 25 times;
  • Warp Artist - Uses the Warp biotic ability 25 times;
  • Launch Artist - Use the Throw biotic ability 25 times;
  • Barrier Artist - Use the Barrier biotic ability 25 times.
  • Lifting Artist - Uses the biotic ability Lift 25 times
  • Recruit - Kill 250 enemies in any of the three titles in the trilogy
  • Soldier - Kill 1000 enemies in any of the three titles in the trilogy
  • Heavy Hand - kill 100 enemies with melee attacks in one of three titles;

  • Asari ally - to get this trophy it is necessary to complete 5 assignments with Liara T'Soni (Asari squad member);
  • Quarian ally - Complete 5 assignments with Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (Quarian squad member);
  • Turian ally - the trophy will be unlocked after completing 5 tasks with Garrus Vakarian (Turian squad member);
  • Krogan ally - to get the trophy it will be enough to complete 5 tasks with Urdnot Wrex (member of the Krogan team);
  • Sentinel Ally - complete 5 assignments with Kaidan Alenko (member of the Alliance Sentinel squad);
  • Soldier Ally - complete 5 assignments with Ashley Williams (Alliance Soldier);
  • Casanova I - objective achievable following the completion of a romantic sub-plot (in the first, second or third chapter)
  • Casanova II - Objective achievable following the completion of a romantic sub-plot in at least two titles in the series;
  • Great Charisma - this trophy of Mass Effect it can only be unlocked after solving a difficult situation by using Charm or Intimidation;
  • Ghost Recruit - unlockable trophy by becoming a Ghost, is linked to the campaign;


  • Exploration Medal I - to get the trophy just land on an unexplored planet;
  • Exploration Medal II - lands on four unexplored planets;
  • Exploration Medal III - lands on eight unexplored planets;
  • Archivist - the trophy will be unlocked once all the Codex entries on Council species, extinct and non-Council species from the first Mass Effect have been completed;
  • Meritorious Service Medal - trophy obtainable after completing Ilos;

  • Legion of Honor of the Council - unlockable trophy once Virmire is completed;
  • Honorary Corporate Service - unlockable trophy once Noveria is completed;
  • Heroism Medal - unlockable trophy once Feros is complete;
  • Service Merit Medal - unlockable trophy once Eden Prime is completed;
  • Rescue mission - trophy linked to history, obtainable once doctor T'Soni is found in the Artemis Tau cluster;
  • Madness I - trophy obtainable by completing one of the three chapters on Insanity difficulty, without ever changing it;
  • Madness II - trophy obtainable by completing two of the three chapters on Insanity difficulty, without ever changing it;
  • Madness III - trophy obtainable by completing the three chapters on Insanity difficulty, without ever changing it;
  • Casanova III - objective achievable by establishing or resuming a love in all three titles;
  • Veteran - kill 2000 enemies in one of the three chapters of the Mass Effect.


  • Medal of Honor - to get it, just complete the title on any difficulty;
  • Perfectionist - completing most of the game will unlock the trophy;
  • Idealist - trophy unlocked only after obtaining 75% of all possible Paragon or Renegade points;
  • Service Medal - trophy obtainable by finishing all three Mass Effect with the same character;
  • Salvation of the Colonies - complete the Impact Impact mission.


  • N7 Elite - trophy obtainable once all the previous ones have been unlocked.

Many of the trophies listed above can only be obtained after completing the game at least three times, in conjunction with some bonuses. You have completed the first Mass Effect and you want to continue the adventure, but you are not sure about the purchase of the Legendary Edition? In this case our review could help you!

► Mass Effect Legendary Edition is an RPG-Adventure game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the video game was released on 14/05/2021
Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 85%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review

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