Narita Boy - Trophy list

The Digital Kingdom awaits you.

narita boy, the first work of the talented Spanish team Studio Koba, looks like an aesthetically essential work for all lovers of the vaporwave style. Despite a not particularly successful level design, the combat system manages to entertain and enhance thanks to a good quality of the animations and a series of moves and possibilities that are really extended.

Narita Boy comes to PlayStation with a list of 35 trophies with name and description entirely in English, as is the entire work, completely missing the Spanish localization.

So let's go see which trophies we will have to unlock to color the whole Digital Kingdom of platinum gray.


  • The final push: Find the access Techno Key to the Capital.
  • Master of Fire: Find and install Johnny Heat's code.
  • Stallion Skewers: Insert the 'Dashstab' power-up.
  • Know thine enemy: Activate the Switch with HIM's Holo-History.
  • Master of Water: Find and install Ougai Rain's code.
  • The sound of the Summit: Activate the digital path that will allow you to ascend the Summit.
  • Sweeping over the simulation: Equip the Floppy Board.
  • Shattering floors: Insert the 'Downstab' power-up.
  • Master of Light: Find and install Taiyo Beam's code.
  • Riding the wind: Find and mount your Servo Horse.
  • Your friend in the air: Insert the 'Uppercut' power-up.
  • The brightness of the three houses: Reach Trifurcation, at the portal of the Three Houses of the Trichroma.
  • Beyond the collision: Insert the 'Shoulder Bash' power-up
  • Animal form: Metamorphose into your animal form.
  • One of the greats: Defeat the first end-of-level Boss.
  • The first of many: Use the Transcriptor of Symbols and transcend for the first time.
  • In the creator's mind: Penetrate the first Creator's Totem.
  • Fly over the ground: Insert the 'dodge' power-up.
  • Thick as thieves: Wield the Techno Sword and become one with it to overthrow the Stallions.
  • A world to discover: Reaching the Digital Kingdom is quite an achievement.


  • Rebuilding memories: Get hold of the first floppy backup disk to restore the Creator's lost Memory.
  • Invisible code: Find the access to Taiyo Beam's red symbol.
  • Together we'll go further: Transform yourself into Servobot.
  • A room with a view: Find the Floppy Disk on the Technocrats' balcony in the Capital.
  • Being a Stallion just isn't cool anymore: Defeat the Glove.
  • Already seen: Get back to the Technocrats' terrace in the Capital.
  • I am Big Narita: Transform yourself into Big Narita.
  • I know what I did yesterday: Unlock all the Creator's memories.
  • Savior of worlds: Return to the 80s after saving the Digital Kingdom.


  • In the house of the dudes: Find Taiyo Beam's hidden room.
  • I'm bringing beers: Find Ougai Rain's hidden room.
  • Your buddy's room: Find Johnny Heat's hidden room.
  • Supreme Stallion Annihilator: Defeat HIM.
  • Retrieving memory: Retrieve all the fragments of the Backup Floppy Disk.


  • Master of the Trichroma: Unlock all other trophies

Will you be able to free the Digital Kingdom from the threat of the Stallions and conquer all the trophies of Narita Boy? The beautiful virtual world created by Studio Koba awaits you.

► Narita Boy is a Platform-Adventure-indie game for Linux, PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the video game was released on 30/03/2021
Narita Boy is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 78%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Narita Boy Review

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