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    Practical guide to grow fast in Clash of Clans and have the best village

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    What do you need to grow fast in Clash of Clans?

    Before we give you the important tips that can help you grow within this medieval game, we need to give you some interesting information. First, you should know that any external offer of riches is not valid, Clash of Clans does not provide rewards by external means.

    The pages and advertisements that offer you a lot of money are not real, any outside profit you make it won't work in the game. These pages and offers only put the possibility of a ban in your hands.

    Now, the ways to get the main key elements within this game are exclusively within it. You should know that there are many ways to get those items without risking your account.

    Gold so precious

    Although in the first few levels, your gold shop can be quite small, you can build a shop as soon as possible to be able to store up to 40.000 coins. You have to mine everything you can, saving gold to advance in the game and be able to upgrade your structures and troops. As advice you may not know, there is a way to get free gold and elixir.

    Elixir, the military elements

    Each troop and building of military order needs elixir to create or improve it, although the easiest to obtain is the normal one, the dark one also has great value. Keep in mind that you need to have enough gold to create a warehouse, which will give you the ability to create elixir warehouses.

    Both elixirs can only be stolen, that is, to grow fast in Clash of Clans you have to attack other villages, destroying their municipalities. Attack the warehouses with safety and excellent strategy, destroying them you can steal gold and elixir.

    Tips and tricks to grow fast in Clash of Clans

    You know that making progress in any game is the result of perseverance and determination and, above all, a great game strategy. We have compiled some important tips that can make you grow very quickly.

    Play smart

    The first thing you should do is understand what your goals are, before you start creating your village, consider that it is the first thing you should collect. The basic elements are the main thing, elixir and gold, by the way, try to take care of your buds for beginners.

    Increase your defenses and improve each building, it is important that you create troops, try to use the week of the shield as the best method of growth. Invest in each building and think about your first battle strategy.

    Define a defense strategy

    It's no secret that this is a medieval war game, so someone will attack you at some point. Your defense is important to make sure no one steals your loot, it's the only way to protect your wealth. Two defense elements that will be very useful are the Golem and the clock towers.

    Create walls to mainly protect your town hall and warehouses, plus it includes attack towers and cannons to ensure their safety. Defense troops are important, they will be the ones who will take care of your main buildings when you are not there.

    The important attack strategy

    Attacking and looting villages is one of the things needed to grow fast in Clash of Clans, so you shouldn't forget the attack strategy. A smart move is to create low-cost troops, both in elixir and gold.

    These troops can be useful for dealing hit damage, more warriors attacking a town hall or warehouse allow them to fall faster. You have to be careful not to use large amounts of troops, sometimes a small one does a lot more.

    Once you have established your attack and defense strategy and have conquered many villages, do not hesitate to seek your place in the Crystal League.

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