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    Resident Evil 5 - Complete Solution

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    Before starting with the solution I would like to advise you a little thing: as you well know Resident Evil 5 can be played in two, but I suggest you to evaluate well the abilities of those who should be paired with you because it could become a huge burden, so I strongly urge you to choose the computer as your ally as it knows its stuff and will come to your aid many times. Of course, if you have a partner next to you who is very skilled in this game, then everything will be easier because you can communicate with him directly on the spot, and this will make coordination between the two partners certainly better. Another small tip: do not waste ammunition as they do not give them away, many times in fact you will have to continue with the knife in hand, given the scarcity of bullets.

    Chapter 1 is divided into two sub-chapters.

    Chapter 1-1


    after the opening scene where you are presented with the situation in Africa and after meeting Sheva Alomar, you will be in control of Chris. For now you will not encounter any enemies (since you still have no equipment), so look around calmly and proceed to your destination (check it from the map, even if you just follow Sheva). As soon as you reach the destination, talk to the man leaning against the door who will tell you that he was waiting for you. He will explain your future destination and give you the equipment to overcome the difficulties that will arise from now on (being a survival horror do not expect who knows what weapons you will receive ... only two guns with limited ammunition). After you have received the equipment check around, and you will find in the corner a wooden chest (in which the objects are random; however, don't expect to find a machine gun in there, in fact you can only take gold or ammunition). After having scoured the room, exit the building, destroy the wooden crate and continue until a small scene with crows is triggered that are eating an already dead dog. Approach and inspect him, noting that he was recently killed. Enter the room to your right and you will see more animal carcasses, and if you look closely you will discover a chest and two wooden cages, one of which contains a green grass (has the ability to heal). In addition, on the desk you will find a document that will make you understand what will happen to you a little further on. Exit the room, and as soon as you reach the street you will hear a scream, then run in the direction of it (basically you have to climb the stairs) until you reach a door; try to open it and a scene will activate. After this you will have to face your first enemy. The fight is not difficult at all, you are two against one, so trying not to waste ammunition, kill him, possibly aiming for the head. After the fight you will have the opportunity to search the environment and you will notice that the door you entered is now blocked. Enter the other room and in the right corner bookcase you can pick up some ammo for your gun. After going around the whole environment you will have the possibility to exit the building by jumping out the window. Turn the corner and you will be attacked by an unspecified number of enemies, and since at this point in the game you are still not prepared enough to take down so many opponents at once (especially the first resource, that is ammo is missing), run away following the road until you reach a building that will be promptly closed by your partner (if you are playing with your friend you will have to do it by hand…). Check around the room and you will find a hand grenade and a red herb (if you mix the red herb with the green one you will get a healing spray that will restore all your life and that of your partner, if he is nearby). Break down the door with your partner to advance to the next room, where you will find ammo and three wooden crates (destroy them for gold and bullets), then go down the appropriate passage.

    Public Assembly Area:

    keep walking until you reach the limit, jump down, grab the ammo and green grass you find and enter the building. Once inside a scene will activate. At the end of it you will have to work very fast because you will be attacked by a large number of Majini (exactly, the ones that are attacking you). Grab the bullets in the corner, check the drawer under the television for more. First block the exits by moving the two cabinets in front of the entrances, also, if you cut the fruit with the knife, you will get a hand grenade. Now focus on the Majini, shooting them in the head without wasting ammo. After a while, others will come and break through the roof and the wardrobes, they will also come from outside the side you came from. After you've exterminated most of the enemies, the one who chopped off your ally's head will arrive.


    Semi-boss: the Majini Executioner

    To overcome this boss you will have two possibilities: either beat him (which I recommend because in the end he will give you a gold ring worth 5000 gold), or resist for about 5 minutes without of course dying ...
    To make things easier, whether you decide to take him down or you decide to run away, you need to watch out for his attacks because they will send you into dying status right away, and your partner will have to heal you immediately. In some places in the area he will not be able to follow you, so get out of the house immediately, because otherwise you would be meat for slaughter. There are basically two places:
    1) on the roof and from there you can attack it from above;
    2) the second floor of the house located in the center of the area on the right.
    In these two places it shouldn't reach you, but still beware of the Majini, who will attack you wherever you go.

    If you intend to defeat him, the best strategy, always staying away from his ax, is to target him with grenades and then go down the street and hit him with gun shots until he staggers and then take him to the sound of Uppercut. It must be said that your enemy has a high amount of life, and therefore you will have to waste a lot of ammunition. If you have managed to get better weapons, do not waste them immediately, but wait and use them as a last resort, because later other enemies will be waiting for you and it would not be nice to face them with a knife in hand ...
    As soon as you defeat the semi-boss, or when the gate opens, you have completed Chapter 1-1

    Chapter 1-2

    Public assembly area:

    all the objects that were present in the area and that you did not collect have disappeared, so it would be useless to look for them, but you can only find crates in the sewer after the gate and two hand grenades in the top floor of the building you came out of . Continue north by destroying the barrel in the small cabin; therefore, continue to the next area.

    Urban District:

    As soon as you arrive in the next area enter the house to find some gun ammo on the table (if you inspect the locker, Chris, who has super powers, without opening it already knows there is nothing). Go outside and you will notice a broken ladder. With a combined action, you help your partner jump on it in order to reach the second floor of the house. As soon as Sheva reaches the second floor, a scene will start in which you can see something sparkling inside the house, which you cannot reach. Get off and continue on the road that bends west. You will meet a handful of Majini, shoot them down and continue (at the far north you will find two wooden barrels). Follow the road south, cut the tomatoes on the table to find an item (random). Enter the building and kill the Majini coming from above, then destroy the chest nearby and go back to the dead end street, check carefully and you will find a broken ladder, so help Sheva up. With his help you will now be able to get that key that was flashing in the building. As soon as you have collected it, three Majini will attack you, get rid of them and go back down (up there you can also find a hand grenade in the locker, ammunition for your machine gun, if you have one, on the bloody table and looting a wooden chest you can take possession of either gold or an object). Go down and continue through the building to the southwest; if you decide to jump out the window, you will find a wooden crate to loot, so go back to re-enter the building. Proceeding along the alley, pay attention to the Majini that will come out from behind the boxes, of course eliminate it and continue, after which you can find tomatoes to cut with a knife to obtain an object. Continuing towards the point indicated on the map you will find a locked door, follow the road and you will find yourself in front of a door located under the stairs (it is open and you can enter). Before going in, destroy the wooden barrel and then continue; as soon as you enter you will find inside the ammo cabinet for your rifle, and if you check the room well you will be able to find 500 units of gold. Also, on the balcony you can find a wooden barrel to loot. On the east balcony you will meet two Majini, but also a very interesting Antique Clock, so it is worth checking the area. As soon as you have finished ascertaining the possible presence of other treasures you can continue, letting yourself fall and breaking down with the help of your partner the door that blocks the passage. 

    As soon as you enter the new area a scene will activate. As soon as it finishes don't run up the stairs, instead open the blue door to the west with the key you got earlier. Inside this house you will find a wooden chest to loot, but above all a beautiful rifle, the Ithaca M37 (any weapon is welcome, but this is more than the others both for the firepower it possesses and because it is the only one weapon of this type that you can find at this time of the game). Then exit the building and go up the stairs to go and rescue that woman who was begging for help. As soon as you enter the building (under the stairs you will find a wooden chest; I think you now know what to do ...) a scene will be activated, and you will understand that it was all an ambush aimed at eliminating you. Eliminate her by unloading the ammunition of your rifle on her, and also kill the other Majini who will come to her aid. After killing her, she will leave you a very interesting item to resell, and after clearing the area of ​​enemies, look around and you will find a wooden chest in the other room. When you decide to continue, go back to the street and reach the parked car. Four Majini will come running, eliminate them and continue following the road. Check the area well because the door that you kick down with the help of your partner will not be able to open from the other side, so you will not be able to go back to this area (if you have not done it before, take it now the rifle as it will save you from different problem situations).

    Abandoned warehouse:

    in this area you can move rather quickly because you will not find objects or enemies (at least as far as the initial floor is concerned). When you go up the stairs, check what that black liquid is, which is constantly falling. Upon arriving you will find a member of the Alpha team who died under mysterious circumstances, as well as a wooden chest. Once in the main room you will find other dead squad members. You will find a wooden chest in the corner, so you can continue up the ladder. Check this area well as to the southeast you can collect a briefcase containing 1000 units of gold. To continue, kick the door with the help of your partner. Once opened, a scene will activate, and you will see practically the entire Alpha team exterminated. After the scene, inspect the body of the one who gave you the disk containing the data relating to this operation and you will receive ammunition for your gun (as you may have understood, the responsibility for all this lies with only one enemy who produces this liquid black). By checking the room carefully you will find two wooden crates, so continue through the west door and reach the elevator to go downstairs.

    Once in this new area you will find another chest right in front of you. Follow the road and you will find a room where there will be three more, and a locked door. The game will tell you to find it to open it. The key is easy to find, just follow the corridor that will take you to the furnace room. It is located near the dead Alpha team member. Also, as you can see, everything is up and running and you will need this very soon. Return to the closed door and interact with the key; at this point a scene will start that will introduce you to who has done all this chaos so far. You have in front of you the first boss of the game: the Ouroboros.

    Boss: Ouroboros First of all, it must be said that he cannot be killed by conventional weapons, even if the latter, especially if you play the more difficult levels of the game, will make everything easier. Your task is to lure the Ouroboros into the furnace, but this alone is not enough, in fact you will have to drop the tank (there are two in the whole area) so that the boss swallows them. Once this is done, lure him into the furnace and exit quickly, then activate the lever located immediately outside the furnace room, exactly next to the dead soldier (at the same time your partner could slow down the enemy by shooting him whatever you have available, without wasting too much). If you succeed in all this you should be able to eliminate the Ouroboros, but if you have chosen high levels of play you will have to repeat the process twice.

    Defeated this fearsome opponent, return to the door that was previously locked and open it with the key to the furnace. Continuing, you will find on your way some wooden crates and a briefcase containing ammunition. Then continue to the elevator and go up.
    Enjoy the little scene.

    Congratulations! You have completed Chapter 1-2.

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