Sony: A PlayStation Classic Coming to PS5?

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Here's what leaked with this rumor.

It would seem that a new remake may be in development, this time dedicated to a classic PlayStation game for the new next gen PS5 console. This news comes from KatharsysT, an inside industry whistleblower and known leaker who, although he often gave correct information, some turned out to be wrong. So know that this information is best taken a little with a grain of salt, having not yet been officially verified in any way. We add, however, that the mods of ResetEra, forum on which the user wrote, claim that what he said is credible.

So, what classic PlayStation title could it be? Having no other more specific information about it, we could speculate indefinitely. However, there are some titles that the public has been waiting for for some time now, like the Metal Gear Solid saga, extremely linked to PlayStation, obviously speaking of the first chapters since the final ones have been made available on different platforms. Another title, almost irrecoverable now, is undoubtedly Silent Hill, especially speaking of the first chapter of this saga.

Speaking of remakes the mind can only go to now Bluepoint games, the company known to date for having remade another Playstation title: Demon's Souls for PS5. Let's not forget that Bluepoint was the company that also took care of the remastered Uncharted, Gravity Rush and the remake of Shadow of the Colossus for PS4. What do you think of this rumor? Do you have another game in mind that could be selected for a remake on PS5? As always, let us know your answers in the comments.

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