Tribes of Midgard - Trophy List

Tribes of Midgard trophy list revealed.

Tribes of Midgard leads players to resist the invasion of giants during Ragnarök. In a world full of dark creatures, hidden gods and many materials to discover, as a Viking who lives in the village where the Seed of Yggdrasil is kept, the last bastion that protects the gods from other realms, explore the wilds to craft new weapons and prepare to defend your village's sacred center from the dark shadows of Hellheim.

The Tribes of Midgard trophy list is divided into 12 bronze, 8 silver, 6 gold cups and the inevitable platinum trophy. Let's find out the trophy list together.


  • Rain of Souls
    Spend 10.000 Anime on Midgard
  • Resident in distress
    Revive a villager
  • Friend in trouble
    Revive an allied player
  • New Viking
    Reach Season Level 2
  • New Hersir
    Reach Season Level 5
  • New Jarl
    Reach Season Level 10
  • New Konungr
    Reach Season Level 25
  • A Viking comes to life
    Complete the Tutorial
  • Common Creator
    Create a Common object in any mode
  • Uncommon Creator
    Craft an Uncommon item in any mode
  • Rare Creator
    Craft a Rare item in any mode
  • Epic Creator
    Craft an Epic item in any mode


  • Roar of Souls
    Spend 100.000 Anime on Midgard
  • New Einherjar
    Reach the previous season level
  • Tornatene in Jötunheim
    Deliver the final blow to an Ice Jötunn in any mode
  • Tornatene a Múspelheim
    Deliver the final blow to a Fire Jötunn in any mode
  • Go back to Asgarð
    Deliver the final blow to a Thunder Jötunn in any mode
  • Tornatene a Niflheim
    Deliver the final blow to a Dark Jötunn in any mode
  • Legendary Creator
    Craft a Legendary item in any mode
  • Paw to Paw
    Play a game with a familiar


  • Storm of Souls
    Spend 1.000.000 Anime on Midgard
  • Ragnarök
    Complete a Saga Mission in Saga Mode
  • One-hundred of these days
    Reach Day 100 in Survival Mode
  • Come Svaðilfari
    Control 100 Buildings in any mode
  • Valhalla can wait
    Deliver the final blow to defeat a Boss Saga in Saga Mode
  • Son of the Dragon
    Own 10.000 Souls or more in Saga Mode


  • Definitive Saga
    Unlock all Trophies

Tribes of midgard is a co-op action game with survival elements available on Steam and PlayStation.

► Tribes of Midgard is an Action-RPG type game published by Gearbox Software for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, the video game was released on 27/07/2021

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