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    What to improve first with the town hall at each level? - Trick

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    In this article, we will give you several tips to assemble the army you want and face in battle with other players to guarantee your victories in the arena and provide more resources to your village such as gems and gold. Next, we will explain step by step how you can improve your town hall in a strategic and safe way.

    How should I upgrade the troops?

    Let's start by keeping in mind that the important thing to improve before moving on to the next level is not the buildings or the troops, it is to do it with our whole village and never leave the troops behind, as these are the ones you defend the citadel, so to be able to attack your rivals in the game.

    Why is it important to keep this in mind? Because when we attack a municipality below our level, we will receive a direct penalty on the amount of resources that can be plundered from the besieged village.

    This information is important to know when you attack another village being TH7 and the level of your troops is TH5 or lower, they will not have the necessary strength to be able to plunder the town halls of your level and you must choose to besiege the city rises to a lower level and consequently slows down the growth of your village.

    It is important that the troops have improved to maximum level that your current level may allow you, and even those you don't have at the moment. Since these will be useful as a defense at certain points in the battle, this defines the battle between your opponents and the conquest of other municipalities.

    In what order should I make these improvements?

    It is time to know how we will improve and update the units, remembering that the units are being improved in the laboratory. This, in turn, gets better each time we level up in the municipality. First, we need to improve the Clan Castle, as this is the heart of our troops and where all our resources reside.

    Once you have completed the task of improving the castle, you need to go to improve the laboratory; since this is the priority to improve and increase the attack power in the troops, this will allow to be able to bind the municipal councils of the same level.

    In turn, it improves the cauldron of spells, thus unlocking new spells and the extra ability of the power to charge more during an attack on the enemy. This will also be done with the cauldron of dark spells, to increase the power of the offense as well as in defense to repel the enemy attack.

    Continuing in this order, the camps and barracks they are again improved to provide them with new attack points such as defense and stamina, this will enhance their abilities to the maximum. Also upgrade the shops and the dark elixir extractors, as while you upgrade the pink elixir buildings, the gold we will get will be forged in the defense walls of the kingdom.

    We recommend that you make these improvements gradually, as they require resources and time, in this way we will advance the walls of the citadel as the kingdom grows.

    After finishing the upgrades of the elixir, excluding the gold mines, you begin to strengthen the defenses of the citadel; We suggest that it is the defenses that inflict the most damage on the enemy.

    Remember that mines and extractors can be improved when you don't have enough to make the improvements you thought at the beginning, this can be taken as a second alternative and you will make sure the defence and the injection of supplies.

    To conclude this practical guide of tips, by following all these steps, in a few levels you will see the efforts and as your army and your citadel grow evenly, you will be ready to go into battle.

    We hope this guide will allow you to grow in Clash of Clans, for the moments when you are in the game with friends and you need to improve your strategies.

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