Bluepoint Games is working on two major remakes

Bluepoint Games has officially joined the park of studies cookies of PlayStation, with yesterday's announcement. The announcement was already leaked months ago by PlayStation Japan on Twitter. While Bluepoint Games claims to be working on new titles, it seems they haven't finished with remakes yet. According to Millie Amand, the studio is working on well two titles that have to do with the past.

One of the titles, according to the rumor, is similar to Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales while the second would be a remake of a much loved title. In Millie's tweet it is explained that it is certainly not Metal Gear Solid, which she had already anticipated even months ago. Rumors wanted Bluepoint to be working on remakes of the Konami saga that would only come out years later. Although Amand's information may be "old", in the past it has proven to be very reliable, anticipating as early as July that the PlayStation Showcase would take place in September, counting on the presence of Marvel's Wolverine before the official reveal. We will only find out in time what Bluepoint is working on.

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