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    How to master the musket and improve your skills in the New World?

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    New World spicca tra i video games that caused a sensation in the last year and every day more people come together to play it, so much so that it even has its own forum.

    In Look How It Is Done we know this and thinking of those who have not yet mastered all the mechanics of the game perfectly or want to buy and start playing, we bring this article to teach you how to master the musket and improve your skills in the new distribution of Amazon Game Studios.

    What are the New World skill trees?

    In New World every weapon has a skill tree which helps determine how and when to use them while playing. Using them wisely will allow you to rise through the ranks. When it comes to muskets, there are two skill trees this weapon has, and these are:


    The Sharpshooter or sniper, in New World, is the one who allows you to master the musket and deal heavy damage to each target individually.


    The second tree is called Trapper or trapper, in its Spanish translation. As the name suggests, focuses on the application of traps, like bombs.

    What are the active and passive abilities of the Trapper tree?

    Each tree has a number of skills that guide us to use it in the most convenient way in combat. They are divided into the following groups:

    Passive skills

    In the case of the Trapper tree, passive skills are more numerous than active ones. These are what we show you below:

    • Lethal Combo: This means that the effects of this Trapper ability are to inflict the 20% more damage to the target.
    • Backup: speed up of any movement of the 10%, as long as the target is less than eight meters away.
    • Unbreakable Walk: this excellent and fantastic passive ability is to add +40 stamina when we manage to attack using one of the sticky bombs.
    • Kick them when landed: as the name suggests, this results in 10% damage being dealt to targets in CC-ed.
    • Slow Sticky: serves to slow down the target for three seconds as long as the attack is made directly on the enemy with a sticky bomb.
    • Salt in wounds: with this ability, we can apply more than 10% damage when facing targets they have less than 30% of HP.
    • Tactical reload: to dodge attacks while reloading your weapon for reuse in an attack, allow six seconds.
    • Hustle: the "Hustle" skill allows you to increase speed by 10% of any movement made after dodging.
    • Energy Blast: the passive ability "Energy Blast" allows an attack with a debuff active to grant +5 stamina.
    • Double Trap: also this passive ability is very good, because the «Double Trap» allows you to activate two traps at the same time, which offers us many advantages.
    • Trapped Damage: Deals 20% damage to trapped targets for at least three seconds.
    • Additional repulsion: with this skill you can slow targets for eight seconds by 10%.
    • Smell of blood: if the target is trapped, this ability can steal his or her life HP up to 100%.
    • Upgrade Weakness: used to cause the 5% damage to targets which triggered a debuff, only five seconds after the last hit.
    • Lasting impression: reduces regeneration power on captive targets by 10% for eight seconds.

    Active skills

    Being active skills, the Trapper tree only has three abilities and those are the following that we show you:

    • Traps: It is used to set traps that the target must fall into during the twenty seconds of its duration in order to be immobilized for three seconds.
    • Adhesive pump: the effect of this ability is inflict up to 120%, causing it to explode, at targets located within a perimeter of up to three meters.
    • Stopping power: the third skill is used to reload the weapon and take down targets with an attack that deals up to 120% damage.

    What kind of skills does the New World Sharpshooter tree include?

    The skills in this tree are also divided into active and passive. Their names and definitions are as explained below:

    Active skills

    In this case there are three Active Skills, like those shown above. In total they are the following skills:

    • Energy Shot: this active skill is one of the most important and beneficial for the musket and the wearer, increasing damage by 150%.
    • Position of the shooter: puts the shooter in a certain position which will increase to 100% damage, 75% reduced cooldown and decrease mobility to 0%.
    • Burn dust: this skill consists of applying a burning effect for nine seconds that deals 20% damage.

    Passive skills

    In the case of Passive Skills, this time around they are just as varied and excellent. You can see them all below:  

    • Sniper: increases headshot damage to 15%.
    • Shoot More: Dare five more shots when you get out of position.
    • First blood: with this skill, he comes 10% more damage applied to targets with their maximum HP.
    • Hit the mark: i Head damage increased by up to 15% over a range of up to 100 meters.
    • Superior accuracy: for the marksman, this ability removes any penalties for flank shooting.
    • Chronic trauma: from a blow to the head, the burn effect increases to thirteen seconds.
    • Backdraft: applies 12% damage to burning targets.
    • Critical Reload: allows immediate reload if three shots are fired within a time limit of five seconds.
    • No fall: this ability means that after 50 meters a fall will cause no damage.
    • Initial commitment: hitting using the Power Shot, applies 10% damage for five seconds.
    • Diana: Taking headshots with Power Shot reduces cooldown by 15%.
    • Called Shot Reset: this skill consists of reduce the cooldown of any hit to the forehead to 10%.

    All the skills of the musket trees in this online video game show that this weapon, despite possessing intelligence, is mainly focused on dexterity.

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