Sky: Children of the Light available today

The game will allow cross-play.

thatgamecompany, a studio famous for other important titles such as Journey and Flower, announces today's release of Sky: Children of the Light for Nintendo Switch in Europe. The game is also free-to-play on the Nintendo console and there are cross-play features for those who want to try the game on mobile devices and consoles. The Nintendo Switch version includes a main and free story arc. It also offers the ability to play and explore for up to 8 players.

Originally launched in July 2019 iOS and April 2020 on Android, players enter the world of Sky: Children of the Light as children of the light. All this to bring the fallen stars back to their constellations and unravel the mysteries of a now desolate kingdom. Players can freely explore seven dream realms. Thanks to its unique features, the game has received several awards and general critical acclaim. Since its debut the game has been awarded Apple's 2019 iPhone Game of the Year and Apple's 2020 Design Award. It has also received awards such as SXSW Awards 2020, Game Developers Choice Awards 2020, The Webby Awards 2020 and 2021, Google Play Store's Best Indie Games of 2020 and many others.

To celebrate this release, those who play the Nintendo Switch title will be able to purchase a new Starter Pack that includes two capes, a flute, a new hairstyle, 75 candles and an extra surprise.. All for 32,99 euros. They will also be able to attend the first collaborative crossover event that will feature Le Petit Prince (the little prince), a beloved character from the famous children's novel.

Those who play thatgamecompany title on iOS and Android platforms will be able to use their account to play on Switch by linking their account to the Nintendo account on a mobile device..

► Sky: Children of the Light is a Puzzle-Adventure type game developed and published by thatgamecompany for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch, the video game was released on 18/07/2019 The version for Nintendo Switch came out on 30/06/2021
Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 80%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Review of Sky: Children of the Light

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Sky: Children of the Light: the seasonal event arrives ❯
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