Abandoned: the release date of the app revealed

Blue Box announces several details about the Abandoned app including the activation date.

The mystery of Abandoned seems to have almost come to an end, in fact the date for the preload dell’app official linked to the game for PlayStation 5. In addition to this, Blue Box Games has revealed further details on how the reveal of the real title will take place, putting an end to the long series of investigations and all too bizarre coincidences.

The date on which the demo can be downloaded is July 29 2021 even if this does not mean that the application will be usable starting from that day. According to an update on the PlayStation Store, it seems that there is a pre-loading system, which will allow you to have the app ready on your consoles when Blue Box and Sony decide to release the materials linked to this.

We’re excited to announce that the Abandoned Trailers App will be available to preload free of charge for all PS5 users on July 29 with the introduction available on August 10 followed by the first trailer later in August.

— BLUE BOX Game Studios (@BBGameStudios) July 11, 2021

At the moment it is not yet clear the final purpose of this application, will it be used to view trailers related to the game or will it allow you to interact, playing the interactive trailer as it did for PT? These questions will soon be answered.

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