How to download the YouTube app on Roku

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Through this article we will see how to download and use the YouTube app on Roku. There are several ways to watch YouTube on your Roku. You can use the Roku YouTube app to watch almost any YouTube video, create playlists, and more. The YouTube app on Roku supports multiple user accounts and is easy to set up. The YouTube TV app is no longer available for download on Roku, but can be accessed via the regular YouTube app.

How to download and use the YouTube app on Roku

YouTube started out as a free platform and has been adding paid options over the years. You can still watch free content from the Roku YouTube app, but you also have access to YouTube Premium and other purchased or rented content. Here's everything you need to know about watching YouTube content, including YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, on your Roku.

What you can do with YouTube on Roku

The Roku YouTube app gives you access to all YouTube features, such as playlists and purchased content. To get started, install the free YouTube app from the Roku channel store. Once installed, you can log in with your Google account to access a variety of content.

You can search for videos using the magnifying glass icon in the left sidebar. To watch a video, select it and press OK on your Roku remote, you'll be able to watch it right away, albeit usually after a few announcements. Roku's YouTube app also has a number of other familiar features.


After logging into your YouTube account, you will have access to your playlists. You can also add videos to your playlists while browsing YouTube. Playlists are available from the left sidebar menu.

Access to the guest account

The YouTube app for Roku has a handy guest account that can be used to watch free content without logging into a Google account. You won't need any further setup to switch to your favorite videos after installing the Roku YouTube app.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium, formerly called YouTube Red, is a paid membership that includes ad-free viewing, unlimited music streaming, and access to YouTube Original shows. To access YouTube Premium content from the Roku YouTube app, make sure you're signed in with the YouTube account you used to sign up. 

Use the search option to find the content you want to watch or visit the Premium channels you follow. The app also supports multiple users so you can easily switch users as needed.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV subscribers have access to live TV streaming with over 85 channels and unlimited DVR storage. 

Unfortunately for Roku users, Google (which owns YouTube) and Roku have severed ties when it comes to live TV streaming - the YouTube TV app has been removed from the Roku Store channel and can no longer be downloaded. 

But there are alternative solutions. If you have the latest version of the YouTube app, you should find the “Go to YouTube TV” option at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click and log into your YouTube TV account to be taken there.

Plus, if you've already downloaded the YouTube TV app on your Roku, it'll still work. Do not delete the app, because if you do, it cannot be recovered.

Rentals and purchases

The Roku YouTube app allows you to buy movies and TV shows directly from the app. You can also access content you've previously purchased through YouTube or Google Play Movies & TV - these purchases will appear in the section  Shopping of the app.

Content eligible for Google Play Family Library can also be viewed on the Roku YouTube app from accounts with access to your shared collection of titles.

How to enable Roku developer mode

Come abilitare HDR su Roku TV

Mobile to Roku transmission

Using the YouTube mobile app, you can cast videos from your phone to Roku. This will immediately launch the app and video on your Roku.

This method is useful because it is much easier to type a video name using your phone rather than the Roku remote.

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